10 essentials to picnic with your pets!

Posted on by Lizzie Watson

Don't forget about your lovable hound when you pack your picnic and head off for a day at the races, out on the water, or on the beach. We've put together a 'pawfect' collection of must-have pet essentials so you and your pet can be ready for anything this summer. 

It won't take much to put a delicious and all-natural bag of salmon roll bakes into a tote bag and throw a blanket into the car boot if you're heading out and about at the last minute. It can be a wonderful reward for your dog after a long walk to the perfect picnic spot. A ceramic bowl is a much sturdier option to a plastic one, and better for the planet, and this is the perfect size to live in your car - ready for your next adventure!

If you're out for the day and need to keep your pet amused in between a play in the river or a run through the woods, then an antler chew or a collection of natural, all wool, toys will be the perfect thing to keep them busy as you while away the lazy hours in the sunshine. 


Our British weather might go a little amiss so be prepared with a waterproof quilted coat. Of course, your picnic might be a little more upmarket, so a soft harness and lead are great statement pieces - who doesn't love a pom-pom! We recommend matching this with the linen pom-pom bed - it's delightfully covered in flamingoes so you'll be sharing it with your pet as you relax in a cool summer breeze with a glass of bubbly!