10 places to find Technogym equipment in London

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Constantly hooked on the most innovative and progressive ways to get our fitness fix, Technogym in many wonderful ways does the work for us, providing the best fitness equipment. Encapsulating what it means to have a ‘smart’ workout, many esteemed facilities are boosting the accessibility of this ‘wellness, anywhere’ ethos. The proliferation of Technogym is as vast as it is impressive, with enough variety in an institution to completely allow workouts to tailor, and wait, for you.

Corinthia Hotel London
Dawned from upscale suites and with complimentary chandelier lounge, the Corinthia also hugely prides itself on being the first hotel in London to embrace Technogym’s holistic approach. Adopting not just installation of products but inviting software and implementing service, the full Artis range can be found here. With cardio catered for and body strength at all levels supported, equipment is powered by an Android-based operational system comprising Mywellness and is championed for its fluid coverage and maintained support. By simply scanning the QR code on a product, a detailed description of advice is offered to explain the best technique to use for the best results. This assistance it is noted, is why Technogym was a first and a must introduction to the Corinthia.

Discover more about Technogym at Corinthia Hotel here.

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Hogarth Health Club
Viewing their integrated relationship with Technogym as a ‘wellness philosophy’ Hogarth Health Club offers a functional fitness vision through the specific use of the Artis range, with 30 pieces of Technogym equipment in use overall. With a spotlight on cardiovascular and resistance training, complete commitment to clients is shown with the premium ‘Artis Room.’ The technology behind this allows both personal trainers and members alike to monitor progress done at Hogarth, at home, or anywhere globally, expressing true connectivity. Hogarth is additionally also registered to the prescribe Technogym program, which sees individual members assign their own specific workout plans.

Discover more about Technogym at Hogarth Health Club here.

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Novotel Canary Wharf Hotel
With scheme ‘In Balance’ by Novotel, wellness across disciplines is considered and conducted at ease. With many options for a relaxing or invigorating break, finding balance relative to you can be done through putting the wellness centre, balanced menus and indoor heated pool to trial. From views to inspire with circling visions of London as seen from the rooftop bar on the 18th and 39th floor, this hotel understands modern pace and need for immediate facilities. Unlike most hotels, Novotel Canary Wharf doesn’t outline the gym as a neglected off-put, instead making it a central part of the hotel – the apparatus evidencing this. Dedicated to hotel guests, products such as the Technogym elliptical and Technogym treadmill ensure the workout is packed in before the commuter or tourist rush.

Discover more about Technogym at Novotel Canary Wharf Hotel here.


Third Space Tower Bridge
The first to display the Artis ‘black range’ and its standout seamless design, Third Space Tower Bridge offers an unparalleled experience of treadmill running. If you want to train on the very best treadmills, you have to find yourself here. Challenging the monotony of average gyms, this space packs in potential, with hot yoga studio, sprint track and dazzling pool suite. Testifying ‘Inductions are about gyms, this is about you’ the ethos here centres upon maximising and experimenting, from cardio, free weight and plate-loaded training tools. Technogym’s implementation here boosts confidence and opportunity.

Discover more about Technogym at Third Space Tower Bridge here.

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Park View Health Clubs
In modern and luxurious environments, Park View Health Clubs aspire through accessibility to activate drive, cycle and flow. Their newly opened Colindale site features Technogym wall to wall and is a great location to receive the total Technogym experience. The HIIT experience is elevated here with 4 Skillmills, Technogym’s legendary non-motorised treadmill connected on the gym floor in a dedicated Skillmill class zone. Constantly seeking to push connectivity within an inclusive space, a full Group Cycle Connect studio that boasts an engaging and immersive workout like no other also features here. The display of Excite Unity 3.0 cardio equipment is a further particular favourite within the club, with the Excite Climb in sleek Cosmo black standing out with split step technology prompting non-intimidating low-rise design.

Discover more about Technogym at Park View Health Clubs here.


Chelsea Health Club and Spa
When luxury meets pioneering technology, success transpires. Chelsea Health Club and Spa owns this, with complete wall to wall Technogym equipment found here. With Mywellness technology integration giving users the chance to monitor and manage their activity, this space is right at the cutting edge of personalisation. The variety of Kinesis stations here utilise ‘full gravity technology’ allowing for varying resistance for intensity, particularly beneficial for those who do not want to train with heavy weights. From six modular fitness machines to a Kinesis wall and Kinesis personal training unit, those new to functional training are supported here. For those looking for strength training, six Pure Strength machines are in use here, with additional cable crossover and a half rack. Built to the highest standard in biomechanics and ergonomics, freedom to train in a safe environment is abundant here. Electrical Muscle Simulation MIHA BodyTech workouts are also available which condense an average week of strength and conditioning training into just 30 minutes. Chelsea Health Club pushes the very boundaries of what we consider the gym experience.

Discover more about Technogym at Chelsea Health Club and Spa here.

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The ‘ultimate experience for those who value their privacy’ the instalment at 3 Jubilee Place by SP&Co caters for a luxurious gym experience. An integral part of this is their use of Technogym equipment as part of a professional high-end personal training service. With a high level of personalised training on offer, an integrative approach to health and wellbeing is implemented here, targeting mind and body through private treatment rooms and nutrition advice. Registering a similar approach, the concept of training in ultimate luxury is simulated by Technogym’s implementation here, using integrated connectivity to tailor systems to you.

Discover more about Technogym at SP&Co here.

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Shoreditch House
Overlooking the tantalising comfort of the sauna and steam room in Shoreditch House Gym, the essential Technogym emerges with wall to wall equipment coverage. Members can also enjoy pilates, boxing and barre for a truly diverse workout regime. Technogym Wellness tools such as the handy workout accessory, Wellness ball – active sitting, pair up with all compact multi gym frames, which aim to promote accessibility and training for all levels. For more goal-focused training programs, separate studio ‘House Ride’ brings the energy and aggression straight into your program, with rhythm ride and results ride colliding the worlds of fun and foolproof fitness. Mirroring Technogym’s passion for diversity and experimental approach, this exclusive location invites those from the top creative industries a chance for membership.

Discover more about Technogym at Shoreditch House here.

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Proclaiming to be ‘London’s best-equipped gym’ from Victoria to Covent Garden, in 8 locations across London, Gymbox excels with a particular extended focus on the Artis range. Transforming the concept of the gym appointment into an event, the neon energy of Gymbox collides brilliantly with the interactivity Technogym upholds, the gym floor scattered with the latest cardio training machines. With several new sights planned in a continued agreed partnership with Technogym, Gymbox will make you ‘fitter, faster, stronger and leaner.’

Discover more about Technogym at Gymbox here.

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Technogym’s latest home consumer offering for those who can’t wait to wait to join the world of wellness, is MYRUN. Classed as the intelligent home treadmill designed to improve your running performance and take treadmill running to the next level. It’s now available with flexible payment plans and with easy assembly, can be unboxed and ready to go in just 5 minutes – giving you the chance to start on your training goals with ease. Seen below, in sleek Cosmo black the ultimate running experience is on offer with an integration of native app technology with personalised programmes to sync to your tablet. The MYRUN design holds an adaptive running surface for elevated responsiveness with running rate technology unique to Technogym reducing running surface impact and reduces injuries.

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With the opportunity for fanatical fitness circling us constantly, accessible workouts and wellness advice are only expanding to more bespoke places using even more innovative constructs. With such selection and dedication from these hosts, Technogym is as reachable as we could ever want.

For more information on MYRUN or to speak to a Technogym Wellness expert for any queries you may have please get in contact here.

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