111SKIN: A skincare brand that's out of this world!

Posted on by Abbie Coombes

It may seem a cliché, but the revolutionary skincare brand, 111SKIN is quite literally out of this world. The inspiration for this luxury skincare brand was in fact, drawn from Dr. Alexandrides' research on ageing in space. Much of his research conducted and findings, have been incorporated into 111SKIN's collection.

Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Alexandrides became increasingly frustrated at the lack of skincare treatments that would prove effective for his patients post-surgery. After all, the after-care process is just as important as the surgical procedure itself. Many of the skincare products on the market were simply far too harsh on the skin and she saw a need for those that were not sensitizing and potentially, aggravating. Dissatisfied with the skincare items currently available, Dr. Alexandrides pursued extensive research to establish what ingredients and formulas were best suited to our skin in extreme conditions. This led him to examine how our skin reacts in space, believe it or not! Working closely alongside space scientists, Dr. Alexandrides assisted in the creation of the NAC Y2 formula, which is now available and in a full range of products. The formula was created as a way to reverse the signs of ageing that become more prevalent under those extreme conditions, and this of course, just so happened to include space! 

Just as no one size fits all, no single skincare product is able to suit each of our skin's varying needs. Fortunately, 111SKIN produced several different lines of product that cater for different skin concerns. This includes the Clarity, Reparative, Regenerative, Prescriptive, Intensive and Treatment collections and within which there is an abundance of boosters, masks and serums. The brand's true specialism however, lies with treatment products and as a result many of the collections focus on the chemical extracts and compounds that directly heal and contribute to overall skin health.

Dr. Alexandrides stresses how healing is in his opinion, the most important aspect of skincare, especially when we take into account the many environmental factors that can have a profound impact on our skin, every day. Not only do 111SKIN's products have great healing abilities, but they are also filled with ingredients that work to specifically target those signs of ageing. 

My favourite product of theirs, has to be their masks, not only because of their effectiveness, but also because of their variety. Their range sheet masks, eye patches, lip masks, hydration masks, overnight masks and multi-step masks. 

The Rose Gold Brightening Facial Treatment Mask is however, my go-to. This is a sheet mask that comes in a pack of five an aims to hydrate and brighten the skin. The mask's ingredients are designed to give your skin a much desired glow, as well as eradicating any uneven skin tone or dullness. Each of the masks targets two specific areas on the face, ensuring that your skin's needs can be met directly. 

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