8 of the best summer scented candles

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From wild mint and rosemary to dog rose and lavender, these scented candles will transform your home into a sensory heaven

1. Gorgeous Cow Blissful Room candle, £34 from Cowshed

2. Bamford Rosemary Day candle, £38 from Liberty London

3. Wild Mint candle, £16 from True Grace

4. Dog rose garden candle, £25 from Daylesford

5. Etrusca candle, £48 from Timothy Dunn

6. Amble in the Orchard candle, £87 from Penhaligon’s

7. Lemon Flowers soy candle, £20 from Organise-Us

8. Bridie Hall Roses, Pavilion, Posy candle gift box, £35 from Pentreath & Hall

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