A very British cup!

Posted on by Abbie Coombes

The image of sipping a cup of tea, with our pinky out, after a spot of croquet on a luscious green lawn, is one that has always been synonymous with Britons. Yet, contrary to this deeply embedded stereotype, it seems there is much evidence to suggest that today, Britain is in fact, increasingly becoming a nation of coffee-drinkers. We do after all, drink around 55 million cups of the stuff per day!  

A British survey in 2017 on coffee revealed that 65% of the participants preferred the taste of coffee over tea. The increased presence of small independent coffee shops across Britain certainly reflects this love for the beans and perhaps even, dare I say it, a sidelining of the tea bag! 

As we all know, how one takes their tea sparks great debate, but how do Britons like their coffee? 


If you're pouring yourself a coffee, be sure that the contents end up in these rather exquisite fine china pieces by Neisha Crosland and British Colour Standard


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Written by Abbie Coombes.