A festive feast with Fortnum & Mason

Posted on by Abbie Coombes

To tie in nicely with our very British Christmas, we want you to of course, 'eat, drink and be merry.' Fortnum & Mason have an abundance of ready to go hampers, champagne and for those of you feeling slightly more adventurous, a Christmas cook book, filled with hearty and flavoursome winter dishes; perfect for all the family. 

Take your pick from one of the many Christmas Hampers available to purchase from Fortnum & Mason. Whether you choose to go for the St Nicholas, the Christmas Express, or the Fortnum's classic, you can be sure to open up a wicker basket filled with delicious festive goodies on 25th December. 

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Fortnum & Mason
The Fortnum's Classic Christmas Hamper 
£175 > 

The all-time favourite Fortnum & Mason Classic Christmas Hamper makes a welcome return this year. It's got breakfast, lunch and dinner covered. Start your day with a cup of Royal Blend of tea and end it by indulging in some Marc de Champagne Truffles. 

Fortnum & Mason
The St Nicholas Hamper 
£300 > 

From the classic Christmas Pudding and an abundance of delicious preserves, to Christmas Spiced Tea, the St Nicholas Hamper is filled with simply scrumptious, festive treats and goodies. 


Fortnum & Mason
The Christmas Express Hamper 
£100 >

Whether you enjoy your Christmas feasts by the fire, or like to indulge in your festive treats at your favourite picnic spot, the Christmas Express hamper is the perfect choice. It's filled with cookies, preserves and utterly delectable marmalades. 

Fortnum & Mason
The Christmas Champagne & Chocolate Gift Box 
£70 > 

Champagne and chocolate is a winning combination on Christmas Day. With Fortnum & Mason's Champagne & Chocolate Gift Box, you can be sure to have both on tap! 

Oh Christmastea, oh Christmastea...! When's not a good time to pop the kettle on? It may be a season filled with Christmas puddings and Turkey, but never underestimate the want for a good brew at your Christmas parties. 

Fortnum & Mason
The Tea Gift Box 
£50.00 >

Whilst you may have stuffed your face with turkey, there's always enough room for a cup of tea. This Tea Gift Box includes Fortnum's Afternoon Blend and is the perfect accompaniment, when sitting down and putting on your all-time favourite Christmas film.

Fortnum & Mason
The Tea Basket 
£60.00 > 

A solid supply of strawberry Jam and cups of tea. What splendidly British Christmas essentials!


If you're looking to impress your guests with a hearty wholesome soup, a creamy cheese fondue, or a more adventurous Venison Ragu, then Fortnum's 'Christmas and Other Winter Feasts' cookbook, compiled by Tom Parker Bowles is a must for the kitchen this festive season. 

Fortnum & Mason
Christmas & Other Winter Feasts
£30.00 >

These sweet treats are great in the lead up to Christmas, and perfect for nabbing off the Christmas tree once you've given yourself a breather from the Turkey! 

Fortnum & Mason
12 Days of Christmas Slim Pack Chocolates
£8.95 >


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