A first brush with art collecting

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It’s time for younger generations to start collecting art, and with more on offer than ever, it couldn’t be easier to get a foot in the art world door

One of the great joys of moving into a new home, or doing up your current one, is that it allows you to release your inner artist. Choosing art for any part of your house can be a tricky task but there’s one misconception among homeowners that art has to be cripplingly expensive, especially if it’s going to be any good. With the ever-changing world of interiors, this simply is no longer true; first-time buyers are now more able than ever to start their own art collections and this in part thanks to companies who offer art that doesn’t cost the earth.

‘Beyond The Sea’ by Marc Riley

‘Beyond The Sea’ by Marc Riley, £380

This first discovery is not the shy and retiring type and, at 100cm long, needs to be hung somewhere where it’ll be seen. The different techniques in the foreground and background give this large box canvas acrylic painting a great sense of depth; almost tangible in its depiction of choppy waters.

The blue, although bold, is ideal in a room with pale neutrals as it’s not a ‘cold’ blue and the shape would work well above a sofa, positioned centrally to be in keeping with the simplicity of the subject. What is great about this piece is that nothing about it screams “I’m modern!” yet that’s exactly what it is. For something of this scale one would expect to pay a lot more than the £380 that it’s selling for, proving that art on a smaller budget doesn’t mean it won’t be good.

‘The Shadow of the Curves’ by Gill Bouch

‘The Shadow of the Curves’ by Gill Bouch, £135

Our second choice is a little different. For those who like their art understated and subtle, nothing beats a classic drawing. This ink and water composition by Gill Bouch is simple and from its simplicity comes its beauty. A life model drawing is wonderful in a bedroom and ‘The Shadow of the Curves’ is particularly feminine, making this an ideal choice.

‘Linear Nudes’ by Bianca Smith

‘Linear Nudes’ by Bianca Smith

It can be very difficult to know what art will work with fabric walling and some might think that the two can’t ever be combined but adding a monochrome work like this one to a fabric wall can have great effect; the softness of the ink lines working with a subtle and lightly coloured fabric. Consider three small prints in a row above a dressing table or if a little bigger like the above (approx. 100 x 70cm framed) then it can hang alone.

‘Pouncing Tiger’ by Dan Williams

Pouncing Tiger’ by Dan Williams, £565

Some however, like their art to have more of an impact and want to go for something a bit more modern, but installations or any kind of modern sculpture aren’t going to be cheap. Opt instead for lesser-known artists; not only does that make it easier to find the perfect piece but you can rest assured that you and the rest of London won’t own the same one. This wonderfully dramatic oil on canvas painting is just over £500; inexpensive in the grander scheme of things but still a stunning piece of art. It’s a little smaller than the previous two, measuring 40 x 51cm but is still immensely powerful and the oil paint gives almost a photographic finish. This is most definitely not a calming bedroom choice but a brilliantly masculine depiction of strength and drama. The black background makes it a little harder to place but if you think of it as a large photograph then there are suddenly more possible homes for it; in a study, hall or even in a living room that has a darker scheme.

If you look further afield for the right kind of art for your home, you’ll find an endless supply of art dealers, collectors and consultants, all representing a massive selection of options. It’s definitely worth researching young or emerging artists as many of them happily undertake commissions so you can fill your walls with bespoke works. If everything else is costing the earth, then it’s quite nice to know that the art doesn’t have to.

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