A journey through time and play

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Each one of these toy soldiers are designed, cast and hand-painted in Britain, and make fascinating gifts. Here, we ask the experts and creators, E.W Baylis & Sons, to talk us through the inspiration, process and future plans 

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The toy soldiers represent units involved in the North American chapter of the Seven Years War. The range covers red-coated British, hatched wielding Native Americans, colonial troops and, of course, the French.

I want to create a product that provided an introduction to our rich history 

The figures were inspired by the military history of Britain. I wanted a product that would appeal to children and adults that provided an introduction to our country’s rich history. I also wanted to create a product worth receiving and owning. As well as the figures themselves, a lot of time went into the cloth-lined red boxes with gilt inscription. The toy soldiers are to be treasured by the owner. I wanted to build a relationship between the product and the owner that would to a rewarding journey through time and play.

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The process we take is very much a team effort, starting with the development of the concept and design, to the skills of the sculptor who modelled the original master figures, to the superb casting and the beautiful hand-painting. All of the talented team work in various parts of Britain and together they produce a unique product of quality.

Luxury toys

The final aesthetic of the figures is something we are most pleased with. They have enough detail to do justice to the historical authenticity but leave enough for the imagination. The poses seem to lend themselves to the imaginary animation of adventures, battles and parades. We want to extend the range to cover the whole North American campaign and then move on to other theatres of the Seven Year War, such as Europe and even India.

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