Alexa: back by popular demand – The new bespoke fashion label

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For what feels like the forever unforgiving, we have never had a pure namesake label from Alexa Chung. We have, however, always had the teasers and trailers. After capsule collaborations with AG Jeans and M&S, this time we finally get the full material deal. Used to seeing her parade in famed fashion campaigns, this time the spotlight falls on the designing hand of Alexa herself, and it’s the perfect instalment in the ongoing parade.

A business distinctly tied to her British Roots

bespoke fashion

In this, the first solo design project for the model and British Vogue contributing editor, attention places upon the principle of designing practical clothes ‘that people actually want to throw on in the morning.’ In effect and ease that a fashion statement can be upturned from a basic white tee and jeans combo, the AlexaChung brand aesthetic perfectly balances sharp humour with modernly modest cuts to create silhouettes of power. Balanced by masculine and feminine tailoring earning equal respect in garment design, this collection is effortless and deeply approachable. With the all expected prim rock ‘n’ roll flashes and rogue party pieces an overseeing grown-up eye asserts the final tone over this collection

Alexa’s vision: to create clothes that people want to wear. Combining Parisian chic with a New York edge, as well as the very British sense of humour
Alice Bell, Vogue

bespoke fashion

The promise of producing four in-season collections per year internationally, and with stockists in a growing fifteen countries, AlexaChung heralds a lot to offer. With the idea of starting her own label “warmly incubating in her mind for some time” Alexa, holding the ‘international style-influencer’ status, has trademarked decorative and practical charms here, which appear to impact hugely upon your summer wears.

You can shop the collection here.
You can find AlexaChung on Instagram here.

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