An excellent extravaganza: luxuriously delectable Easter eggs

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With Easter quickly approaching, chocolate is sure to be on the menu. With the choices available concerning just which egg-themed sweet to choose from seemingly limitless, we’ve rounded up six of the best, both for their exquisite taste and design. These chocolate globes are sure to be savoured, whether acting as the star of the show or an accompaniment to the finest champagne. Take a look at our tempting fine food selection, and pick the one you’d like to have a crack at.

A truly indulgent Easter egg. This spectacular Personalised Champagne & Eggs Box by Fortnum and Mason is a gift to remember. Inside the lavish satin-lined gift box is Fortnum’s Blanc de Blancs Champagne, which can be personalised with your own special message to be printed on the label. Accompanying the Champagne are thirty-two creamy solid milk chocolate eggs wrapped in gold foil, perfect for sharing with friends and family.

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Fortnum & Mason
Personalised Champagne & Eggs Box
£70.00 >

If Rothko used spray paints, the resulting art would look like this stunning eggshell. This artisan Easter egg is a prized piece, handmade and painted by a dedicated team of specialist chocolatiers. With smooth gianduja chocolates hidden within the blonde chocolate shell, this is truly a treat for the senses.

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Artisan Blonde Chocolate Easter Egg
£40.00 >

Hotel Chocolat have crafted this Easter egg especially for high-cocoa enthusiasts. The shell is cast in their signature beautifully-smooth 70% dark chocolate, added a pinch of salt and scattered it with puffed quinoa, lending a moreish spongy-yet-crispy texture. It has even been paired with six Gianduja Bombes, the silkiest, smoothest dark hazelnut praline, which are crafted to melt in the mouth like butter.

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Hotel Chocolat
Hard Boiled ‘70% Dark’ Chocolate Easter Egg
£15.00 >

A fun and unique luxury chocolate Easter egg from Prestat of London, based on the British Easter treat, adding fun to the traditional with its white chocolate cross. A beautifully presented milk chocolate Easter egg shell complete with mini Easter eggs infused with warming spices and orange, inspiringly combining the two tastes most synonymous with Easter.

fine foodPrestat
Hot cross bun milk chocolate Easter egg
£14.95 >

A fun twist on the traditional Easter egg, these sumptuous chocolate goose eggs are handmade from the finest milk and white chocolate, the hollow eggs are decorated by hand with wonderfully speckled and gilded designs to resemble (a much more delicious version of) the real thing.

fine foodFortnum
Speckled Goose Eggs in A Basket
£25.00 >

Not your ordinary box of eggs. But on first glance, you might be fooled as they’ve been measured against real quail eggs. The dozen presented here are cast in delicious chocolate and filled with caramels, pralines and truffles. These make a cracking gift for all the family, as these egglets are alcohol free. Break open the shell for the mouthwatering flavours of Vanilla, Simple Dark, Illegal Gianduja, Salted Caramel Cream, Nuts About Raspberry and Salted Macadamia.

fine foodHotel Chocolat
A Dozen Quail Egglets
£10.00 >

If you’re looking for a delicious foodie feast this Easter, we’ve rounded up the best here. And, in need of a getaway during the holiday period? You’ll find the most luxurious setups here.

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