Art for sale – A new auction experience by Farnon & Lake

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Farnon & Lake bring a new and captivating approach to auctions. Taking guests on a journey throughout, they are bringing to life the history of each lot that can only come from spending time with the vendors to understand the relevance and provenance of the items being sold.  The creative force behind Farnon & Lake, ‘The Auctioneers’, firmly hold the belief that an auction should be an aspirational event, one that presents unique opportunities for securing exceptional investments in the most unusual and engaging way.

An auction need not be simply viewed as a transactional event, there is so much more that it can be transformed into.
Duncan Lang, Principal Auctioneer for the UK Sculpture Auction of October 2017

“For the first time we are bringing together an eclectic and remarkable mix of artists, none of whom have ever previously sold pieces as a collective in any previous auction”, Duncan Lang continues. “Each artist has been encouraged to submit works that demonstrate their signature style, whilst pushing the boundaries and conceptions of what they are renowned for. The resultant collection is of sculpture that is bold and rare, with unique one-off commissions and original pieces taking centre stage.”

One of the remarkable sculptures that will be available at the auction is the original casting of the William Webb Ellis statue by Graham Ibbeson, the only copy of which resides outside Rugby School in the UK. The original casting will also be accompanied with the sole rights to produce copies in any form, quantity and size. The triumphant bidder will be the only person in the world permitted to reproduce this iconic emblem, which is seen depicted as an etching on the Rugby World Cup – aptly named the Webb Ellis Cup.

art for sale

William Webb Ellis by Graham Ibbeson

Switching genres entirely brings us to striking sculpture by the artist Bushra Fakhoury, with her renowned piece entitled ‘Dunamis’. Every person passing through Hyde Park Corner in London will have had the opportunity to view the wonderful depiction of miraculous power and might itself. One successful bidder will secure this piece for themselves as the sculpture bids a fond farewell to its’ seat in the Capital, where it has resided since October 2013. A truly rare and magnificent opportunity indeed.

art for sale

Dunamis by Bushra Fakhoury

To bring these collections together, Farnon & Lake have removed the auction from the expected and neutral settings of such a sale, instead carefully selecting a backdrop for the pieces that is fitting with their style and subject matter. The arresting and unusual Aynhoe Park will present a living gallery for the event – whereby the house itself mirrors the beauty and diversity of the pieces. This illustrates how Farnon & Lake have seamlessly progressed from an event to an experience. The Auctioneers encourage anyone with a passion for sculpture, whether regarding art in its purest form or having a discerning eye for an investment, to engage with them and to join them in October.

Farnon & Lake are hosting private viewings on Wednesday 4th October, followed by the event on Thursday 5th October. Access to Aynhoe Park will require pre-registration of interest in the first instance. Every sculpture will be listed and available to view online in advance of the day for all registered guests. For those unable to attend in person, a live online bidding facility will be available, again via a pre-registration process.

The Sculpture Auction – Thursday 5th October 2017

To register your interest in attending the preview on Wednesday 4th October 2017 and/or the Sculpture Auction itself on Thursday 5th October 2017, please contact Farnon & Lake directly here.

Email your attendance request(s) to

Once your interest is registered, The Auctioneers will be in touch.

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