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Art for sale is commonplace, but great art for training, spectacle and purchase possibly unheard of. The idea of stepping into a prestigious and lucrative artist’s studio always fascinates as a bucket list must do – an experience Portfolio Art Tours has managed to realise in reality. Through helping you paint with a grandmaster in his own environment just outside Bath, the opportunity to delve behind the scenes of the award-winning Richard Twose studios allows you to see purchasable exclusive work. Based in the South West of England, work with the most skilled and pioneering artists hidden away in the region. The luxury firm provide private access to an array of award-winning artists, giving behind-the-scenes studio visits to highly renowned names such as Richard La Trobe-Bateman, Sally McLaren, John Makepeace, David O’Connor, Joanna Still and Richard Twose.

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For the first time, art obsessors and cultural aficionados of all disciplines will be able to venture into artists physical and imaginative worlds, opening themselves up to what it takes to create a masterpiece. Particular focus of the masterclass this year falls upon renowned portrait artist Richard Twose.


His repeated success in the major international BP Awards is testament to the depth of artistic talent that thrives in the West Country. – Amanda Dennes, director of Portfolio Art Tours, on collaboration with

Richard Twose.

Amanda Dennes, director of Portfolio Art Tours - on collaboration with Richard Twose
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Gavin Turk and the Minaturomachie – Richard Twose

Graduating as a jeweller, Twose sold passioned collections to Paul Smith and Harvey Nichols, before looking for new challenges drove his curiosity to teach history of art at a sixth form college in Bristol. In position of teacher to others, it is here Twose became the biggest teacher of all to himself, falling in love with the process and simultaneously discovering unparalleled skill. From now winning the Victoria Prize given by Baths Society of Artists in 2011, to being 2016’s RWA open prize winner, Twose is at the pinnacle of portraiture. A pinnacle further symbolised, when, for the BP Portrait awards (the most important portrait prize in the world) Richards composition of icon Ken Loach was selected from 2,580 entries from artists located in 87 countries. The portrait, being housed at the National Portrait Gallery between 22nd June – 24th September, demonstrates the uniquely expressive style of this artist.

This opportunity therefore to immerse within the world of high art is something Portfolio Art Tours adopts as a deeply personal and treasured escape. Masterclasses will be held at Twose’s personal studios in an unassuming and quintessential English hamlet near Bath. Hands-on demonstrations disregard whether you’re a skilled artist or have never painted before, as Twose delivers lessons of more. Revealing how he interprets and transfers inspiration and technique to discover and deliver the essence of a subject to canvas, this experience is singular and fleeting, absolutely not to be ignored.

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Portfolio Art Tours generates art for sale of experience, a bespoke arts company that immerses in a world, overwhelms in inspiration and dispenses in education. This, in collaboration with Richard Twose, encapsulates a must do exploration down the ultimate creative path.

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