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The brief: to create the ultimate romantic retreat in the middle of a Kent nature reserve, with views that could be enjoyed without even having to sit up in bed. The result: well, take a look…

What was the project?
We were tasked by Elmely National Nature Reserve, the UK’s only farmer-owned and managed independent national nature reserve in Kent, to create the ultimate romantic retreat inside a shepherd’s hut, where couples could enjoy the wildlife-rich Kent marshland from the bedroom and en-suite shower.

Plankbridge - Elmley National Nature Reserve interior by Robert Canis

Our shepherd’s huts are always made true to their Victorian heritage, so to achieve this we adapted the traditional design and left space for two windows on one side of the hut to allow for wildlife-watching from the bedroom and en-suite. At the foot of the king-size ash-branch four-poster bed we inserted a floor-to-ceiling window and in the shower we added a window at eye level.

Plankbrige - Elmley National Nature Reserve by Robert Canis

What was the original brief?
With unspoilt views spanning more than three miles in every direction, owners Gareth and Georgina Fulton wanted an authentic-looking rural building, which could champion the idyllic countryside scenes from within. What’s more, they wanted to create the ultimate romantic retreat for couples and newlyweds, so particular attention was made to the bed and making sure the views could be enjoyed without having to get out of bed or even sit up.

Plankbridge - Elmley National Nature Reserve interior with view by Robert Canis

What are you most pleased with?
This was a really exciting hut to build. It’s a really fitting space for its surroundings, and in fact looks as though it has always sat on the reserve. The large floor-to-ceiling window lets in lots of light and gives a sense of being outside, but with luxury home comforts.


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Photographs by Robert Canis 

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