Ask the designer: Stephen Einhorn

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With the wedding season in full swing, luxury jewellery designer Stephen Einhorn introduces his new Light Collection of engagement, wedding and eternity rings

What inspired the collection?
People say size matters – but what is equally important is proportion, and the proportions of my new Light Collection are what it’s all about. Tiny adjustments to the width and depth, shapes of curves, claws, arches and stone sizes are what make these pieces work. With this in mind, the inspiration behind this collection was to create elegant, modern and timeless versions of these traditional ring designs.


What was the process?
I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel here, but to create something that reflects how I look at design, what I feel a design should be and should incorporate, and to try to put my aesthetic into this very particular set of rings. I wanted to design the collection so that it was physically strong but also have a delicate lightness of touch to it. Incorporating architecturally inspired arches and bridge spans in my initial drawings, I feel I have achieved this. When you look at the shoulders of the solitaire ring, the setting exposes the stone as much as possible, sitting on top of the arch on it’s hidden under bezel, whilst maintaining its elegance, strength and durability.


What are you most pleased with?
When I sit down to draw a new design I’m always aware that we are going to be making something that will be worn for a whole lifetime, an heirloom piece. I want my customers to feel that when they buy one of my designs, they’ve made a good choice, the right choice, and the design reflects a little bit of something about them and their particular taste and style, as well as mine. When you put the eternity rings next to the solitaire you get a wonderful flash of light that gives immense satisfaction to the wearer, it is a truly luxurious collection.

My workshop and I work really closely together; they are all very highly skilled craftsmen and women. It’s not a job for the faint-hearted, believe me, because a lot of the work we do here is technically very difficult. I do think, however, that we are an amazing team and there is nothing we can’t achieve with the in-house skills that we have.


What’s your next project?
It’s a really exciting time for us as it’s our 20th anniversary this year. To celebrate, we are working on a few different projects including a new Thames Wood collection, which will incorporate our 2,000-year-old oak – a very rare and precious material that is exclusive to us. We’re also working on a small number of one-off and colourful bespoke pieces that are based on nature and which will incorporate different metals and finishes.

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