Ask the expert: Angus Gibson, SYMM

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Angus Gibson, director at SYMM, one of Britain’s premier building companies, tells The BB Edit about the company’s long and proud past – and why playing guitar with Keith Richards is his remaining ambition 


Tell us about SYMM…
SYMM was founded in 1815 and was – and still is – after 200 years a traditional building company. We’re based in Oxford and specialise in the building and restoration of fine residential houses and new-build properties of character. SYMM is proud of its long heritage and dedication to our 250 direct employed staff, many of whom are specialist artisans working as stone masons, joiners, decorators and master builders.

When did you join SYMM?
In 2010, after a career developing Gibson Music, the audio visual company, which I went on to sell in 2004. I was tasked with setting up a London office for SYMM and developing the home technology department for clients and many of my existing contacts in architecture and interior design.


What’s SYMM’s USP?
We’re well known as a fine country house builder, but the company also has a strong presence in the London high-end residential market.

And now a little about yourself..
I was born in Redhill, Surrey. My father is an Anglican priest, and I have an older brother and younger sister.

Poor. Soon after leaving a bad education the school closed down. My first job was Juliana’s travelling disco in London.


How do you like to relax?
With music. And my favourite holiday destination is Nevis Island in the West Indies.

Advice to younger generation?
Good manners and empathy towards others is all you need in life. However, be prepared as you will meet many people who display neither of these qualities.

Remaining ambition?
To play guitar with Keith Richards. Highly unlikely for many many reasons.   

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