Astley Clarke’s innovative AW17 designer jewellery collection

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Astley Clarke are renowned for their innovative collections, their commitment to high-quality material and outstanding designer jewellery design. The recent collection from Creative Director, Dominic Jones presents iconic pieces that are focused on everyday luxury for the modern day woman. His natural flair, originality and skill shine through the collection.

Dominic Jones’s first collection is made up of three groups which revolve around Astley Clarke’s fundamental premises: the natural world.

designer jewellery designer jewellery


‘Astronomy’ explores the physical realms of our solar system, investigating the gravitational field and its relationship with the positioning of planets. In their London Fashion week presentation, the vision was brought to life with the display of the jewellery on an interactive orrey model. It showcased the uniqueness of each stone in relation to light. The careful consideration of the stones, perfectly captured the essence of the planets represented. The stone choice gave narrative and depth to each piece, highlighting, Astley Clarke’s signature love and refinement in coloured gemstones.

Importantly, the collection makes an environmental statement regarding the fragility of the natural world. To mark Jones and Astley Clarke’s powerful devotion to helping protect the planet, 10% of sales from all Earth pieces will be donated to the world land trust.

designer jewellery designer jewellery


‘Phototaxis’ combines Astley Clarke’s tradition of looking at the natural world as a source of inspiration. The central theme behind this part of the collection is the exploration of light and beauty. The narrative behind ‘Phototaxis’ is the vision of a British month and its movement in response to light. The romanticism and sensitivity of the collection is breathtaking. The delicate and intricately designed pieces carry an air of art nouveau jewellery presented in striking modern pieces. This collection in particular, highlighted Jones’s vision and extraordinary craftsmanship. The key influence behind the moth is embedded in the history of Bec Astley Clarke’s grandfather. He helped cure Rhesus disease affecting pregnant women through his research into winged insects. With this in mind, the model for this specific collection is Georgia May Jagger who has directly benefitted from the research of Clarke’s grandfather.


‘Colour of Calder’ is influenced by artist’s emotive interpretations of gravity, shadows and colour. The pieces draw inspiration from the flamboyant impressionist art collections of Peggy Guggenheim and the kinetic work of artist Alexander Calder. The collection is focused on mixed metals with the use of semi-precious gemstones contrasted with bright hues. It builds on Astley Clarke’s focus on stacking and layering jewellery which shows a modern way of wearing fine jewellery.

designer jewellery designer jewellery


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