World Vegan Day

Posted on by Abbie Coombes

Although perceived as a millennial trend, Veganism has its routes in ancient Indian and eastern Mediterranean societies. The term 'Vegan' however, was not coined until 1944 by the Briton, Donald Watson who then went on to be the founder of the Vegan Society. To celebrate and champion their lifestyle and Watson's advocacy of this, vegans across the world unite on 1st November. Here at Beyond Bespoke, we're taking a Noble approach to our celebrations of this global event. 

Noble creates 100% natural and nutrient rich blends, full of vegan plant proteins. What could be a better brand to welcome on to our site and celebrate World Vegan Day with!  

"Far too often things are either delicious or good for you, but not both.  With our five exceptional blends Noble has proved that there is no need for compromise." It seems with Noble there's no longer any need to disguise the broccoli or any other unwelcome veg in those homemade cottage pies, in an attempt to feel like that our bodies are getting the nutrients that they deserve. Yes, to all those parents out there, we know that you don't always do this for the benefit of your children! 

Noble champion the idea of creating natural products, sourced in the fairest way and those which have maximum nutritional value. Their delicious blends can be enjoyed as hot, comforting brews, or refreshing smoothies over ice. They are each high in fibre and protein, and also serve to suppress your appetite for longer. 

Being solely 'made by plants',  it is perhaps unsurprising that Noble's delicious blends are each free from dairy, refined sugar, additives and very fitting for the subject of the day, just so happen to be vegan friendly! 

For those considering becoming Vegan, Noble's perfectly balanced blends are a healthy way to begin to implement this lifestyle choice into your diet. There is often a misconception around the Vegan diet as lacking in crucial nutrients and vitamins, but these plant-based blends suggest otherwise. Instead, they are a rich source of antioxidants, can assist in the defence against infections, diseases and that ever more common problem, fatigue.