Behind the brand with Captain Fawcett

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We talk to the experts of male grooming, Captain Fawcett, about the evolution of their brand and what we can expect to see in the near future…

Firstly, can you tell us about the Captain Fawcett brand? How did you start and what has been the evolution of the brand since your launch?

Captain Fawcett Ltd is a manufacturer and distributor of Simply First Class Gentlemen’s Grooming Requisites.  The company was founded by Richie Finney who began making moustache wax at home purely for personal use.  Compliments on his finely waxed ‘tache led to use by contacts in the film and television industry who were impressed by its staying power and scent.  An order of 100 jars to fulfil initial demand rapidly grew and has become an annual requirement of close to 40,000.  All the Captain’s oils are produced in house by his master blender and the legendary wax is still made by the founder.  Captain Fawcett currently stocks over 40 premium grooming items and exports to over 45 countries from Alaska to New Zealand.

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Did you always want to work with grooming products? Where did you start your career?

Richie Finney, right hand man to the legendary Captain Fawcett, began his career in Film and TV.  As a bearded fellow and celebrator of all things hirsute his interest in grooming products came about due to the desire to create a bespoke moustache wax with real staying power and delectable fragrance.  The pursuit of a personal enthusiasm led to the development of a thriving brand.

What inspires your products — do you focus on trends?

Captain Fawcett’s focus is on consistent quality and product reliability with a flamboyant personal flourish.  The founder’s interest in male grooming is historical having been a bearded fellow for many years, he has every intention of continuing to be one long after less committed fellows have shaved.  As trends go, the Captain remains constant and is content to hold his own until fashion comes full circle and embraces his enduring personal style once more.

What is your product philosophy?

Captain Fawcett is proudly committed to maintaining high brand value. Retaining integrity is paramount so there is no mass production.  Exquisite packaging is essential to best present a range of products achieved through careful creative process and exclusive production methods.  Above all the Captain is a practical chap who believes in products that do the job.

What is it that appeals to your clients?

Captain Fawcett’s clients are discerning gentlemen and, indeed, ladies.  They recognise authenticity and value consistent attention to detail in the crafting of products, beautiful presentation and attentive customer service.  With inventive characterisation and a somewhat tongue in cheek attitude, Captain Fawcett’s distinctive personality appeals to the modern gentleman’s many guises from the natty man about town to laid back country squire.  And a number of fair ladies have been known to put their own delightful twist on proceedings, using Fawcett products as part of their own beauty routines.

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Do you have a favourite product?

Of all the items in the Captain’s Gentleman’s Emporium his favourite is without doubt the trusty Expedition Strength Moustache Wax.  It has seen him through many an adventure from Boston to Bengal and most famously helped him maintain a stiff upper lip regardless whilst navigating the source of the Ubangi in a tin bath.

What does British craftsmanship mean to you?

Captain Fawcett takes an old-fashioned pride in careful workmanship, respectful of heritage spiced with a good dash of irreverence.  We celebrate a quintessentially British spirit of invention blended with tradition, eccentric creative spark favouring considered design and top notch manufacturing standards with the finest quality materials. Skilled but self-effacing, confident without boastfulness, mastery worn lightly; these attributes are the best of British and inspire Captain Fawcett’s approach to his own work.

Tell us why you are so passionate about Movember and what will you be up to this month?

Captain Fawcett wholeheartedly encourages awareness of prostate and other cancers and of men’s mental health.  The Captain has seen too many chums embarrassed to ask for help before things get out of hand and admits his own stiff upper lip goes as far his very handsome moustache however underneath is a sensitive chap who wants other fellows to know that there is no shame in sharing difficult emotions.

This Movember we are focusing on 3 things:

On 13th November Captain Fawcett is sponsoring Bertie’s of Bay Beard Festival in Robin Hood’s Bay where he will be acting as judge and offering top tips for maintaining Movember moustaches.

On 24th November at the kind invitation of Royal Warrant holders Barnard & Westwood (fine printers, bookbinders and stalwart champions of traditional skills) the Captain will be attending a ‘Gent’s Event’ in support of Movember.

On 30th November Captain Fawcett will be running the Beard Trim and Moustache Shave Off at Canary Wharf’s Lloyds Bank to ensure chaps who’ve cultivated their facial hair for Movember only will be rewarded with skin as smooth as silk when they choose to shave.

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Who inspires you in the world of product innovation?

The Captain most admires brands that stay true to a spirit of invention while remaining loyal to their original quality.  Favouring traditional skills and reputations built on consistent reliability, the Captain acknowledges that the classically British air of apparent nonchalance is inevitably hard won and always underpinned by long experience, thoughtful creative process and persistent hard work.  Brands which allow assured quality and carefully considered design to speak for themselves are top of the Captain’s own shopping lists.

What’s next in 2017?

The Captain has been holed up in a windswept fisherman’s cottage somewhere in Dorset where he is putting the finishing touches to his book The Quintessential Grooming Guide for the Adventurous Gentleman, part memoir, part history of beards, with tips for gents from master barbers and their associates.  Splendidly illustrated by leading photographers and illustrators the book will be published by Jacqui Small, an imprint of Quarto Press in Spring 2017.  Also in 2017 Captain Fawcett Ltd will be extending the range of Simply First Class Gentleman’s Requisites and unveiling some intriguing new collaborations with long standing chums.  Do keep in touch and the Captain promises you’ll be the first to know what he has up his beautifully pressed sleeve…

Captain Fawcett products can be purchased online from his own Gentleman’s Emporium and also from Harvey Nichols of Knightsbridge and Jarrolds of Norwich.

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