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Faiza and Radhika Seth recently merged their businesses to create the tailored interiors service, Casa Forma LondonHere, they talk exclusively to Beyond Bespoke about the recent restoration of a corporate Mayfair apartment back to a spacious family home 

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Firstly, can you tell us a little about Casa Forma London?
It’s a truly tailored service. From the very beginning the ethos has been client-focused. The word ‘bespoke’ gets thrown around a lot in our industry, when really people mean one piece of furniture in a property has been individually designed. The reason we have such a good relationship with our clients is that our service itself is truly bespoke. We approach design by understanding that true luxury isn’t a certain style, it’s time. We spend time getting to know our clients, working with them to create an enduring style and layout that will be as relevant and appropriate for them in five years as it is now. Then we design every aspect to individually fit the needs of our client’s lifestyle.

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We appoint one lead architect to each project so the client has a single point of contact for the duration of our involvement. This keeps the whole process simple and hassle-free for our clients (who are often incredibly busy people) while still allowing them to be as involved as they want to be when choosing the design features of their property.

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What was the brief for the Down Street, Mayfair, project?
To transform a 4,000 sq ft L-shaped Edwardian lateral apartment in the heart of Mayfair to suit a large family. The original layout had been badly tampered with by the previous owners. In its former incarnation, the dwelling was a spacious apartment for a large US corporation, but the executive accommodation had been altered to create as many guest bedrooms as possible. One of the main reception rooms had been turned into a bedroom, while the wing contained a series of pokey bedrooms and bathrooms along a dreary internal corridor. Our brief was to establish a less cluttered room layout and give back the feeling of a spacious family home.

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What was the biggest challenge along the way?
The lateral wing of the apartment posed the greatest challenge in terms of layout. The vision was to turn this into a large master bedroom leading to a dressing room and then a master ensuite bathroom. These plans had to be revised when early demolition work revealed the presence of pipes servicing all the apartments in the block could not be moved. Our in-house architects worked out a solution by adjusting the layout while still retaining the concept of the master suite.

How pleased are you with the finished result?
The team did a fantastic job on this property and we’re extremely pleased with the result of this grand home. The style is elegant and timeless and is very much in keeping with its prestigious location.

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Is there anything you would change with hindsight?
Transforming the footprint of the apartment was not easy and compromises had to be made in the kitchen area due to listed features.

Client involvement: hands-on or hands-off?
This particular client was more hands-off, allowing us to be creative in the delivery of a beautifully designed property, although the budget was managed accordingly.

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What is it about British craftsmanship that inspires you?
The single thing that inspires us most about Britain is the wonderful creativity you find here. Britain has a fantastic level of unique, imaginative design and while other countries undeniably have great designers and design houses, there’s a real freedom to the creativity that can be felt in Britain and in particular London.

Britain has traditionally designed with a certain aesthetic – a classic refined elegance which combines creativity and high quality materials. You can see the strength of British design in many of the older pieces when furnishing properties, and with these pieces, the high quality of the design gives them an enduring grandeur.

Casa Forma London is a turnkey property development agency specialising in interior and architectural design service for high-end residential, commercial and hospitality properties in some of the most exclusive areas of London and internationally. Their portfolio includes several of the world’s most prestigious properties, each of which has been carefully designed to perfectly meet their client’s needs.

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