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With the superfood splurge, it’s easy to feel bewildered and even desensitised by the amount and variety of ‘goodness’ out there for you, with the ‘best beauty products’ just about everywhere! From hemp to flaxseed, matcha and moringa, the mind to body nutrition connection is growing in our consciousness. From this let me introduce Naomi’s Kitchen. After an adrenal fatigue burn out in 2014, the humbling development of one mother’s personal relationship to heal herself with food makes way for the ‘I AM Superfood Blends’ range.

Enrolling in the Integrative Institution of Nutrition as a Health Coach, Naomi, with help in formulation by friend and scientist Dr Sara Palmer Hussey, superfoods were combined with adaptogens. This notion for combining goodness in a single spoonful centres from Naomi’s trial of dairy free, sugar free and vegan diets, all to still feel confused and conflicted. Realising the pattern of interest to discuss wellness and its connection to personal issues such as energy boosts, weight loss reflections and skin dilemmas, Naomi listened to global conversation.

I wanted the blends to represent the most important person in the customers life – themselves.
Naomi's Kitchen

best beauty products

To properly explore Naomi’s kitchen, I wanted to put each blend to the test. Taste to result, this was nutritional indulgence at the top level, with scientific backup for complete security. The inclusion of adaptogens in Naiomi’s 5 blends instantly allows mindfulness to come to you, rather than you trying to find it. Targeting a cellular level, herbal compounds natural for a body boost, aid energy levels, encourage immunity and calm the impact of stress upon the body. All areas todays social climate attacks, these blends find a way of benefitting to all of us. Increasing sustainability and utilising global ingredients, there’s another thing too, they’re all vegan!

Based on bountiful berries, ‘I AM Beautiful’ blend is the pea protein packet of choice, with 23.7g per 100g. This blend is targeted towards skin traumas, with collagen-producing vitamins repairing damaged cells in way of included ingredients goji berries and beetroot. Vitamin C is abundant here with camu camu antioxidant, the use of schizandra, a balancing adaptogens, being rich in lignans to improve smooth skin tone. Paying so much attention to the tasking daily skin care routine, this blend covers everything on the inside, no routine or trial and error system needed.

best beauty products

The explosive ‘I AM Energised’ blend is exactly what it suggests, a powerful fuel packaged with macha to balance fatigue and matcha to energise metabolism. To support sustained energy production and with 21.1g of dietary fibre per 100g, inclusion of rarities such as rhodiola rosea, an adaptogen that increases serotonin, cognitive function is given a boost while blood glucose levels are reduced. With properties of magnesium, iron and fulvic acid plus vitamins ABCE and K, with a chocolate inspired taste I found this blend perfect with cinnamon and cashew nut apple porridge.

best beauty products

Blends ‘I AM Cleansed’ and ‘I AM Lean’ offer controlled detox; Cleaned an enzyme-rich whole-food blend and Lean a protein infused satiety increaser, these blends control craving and function peacefully. To naturally support an alkaline environment, barley grass, wheatgrass and spirulina in I AM Cleansed strengthen the body’s natural defences. The use of alfalfa (a flowering plant part of the legume family) contains flavonoids to heighten blood and liver purification. Yet another example of functional ingredients, the inside impact from I AM Cleansed, and all other blends, is impossible to underwhelm.  I AM Lean follows Cleansed to hold blood sugar stabilising ingredients such as Baobab and maqui. In addition here, use of plant protein moringa (which conveniently contains all nine essential amino acids) helps improve glucose tolerance to help with weight loss. Combined with kelp, a natural diuretic, and yacon root, a prebiotic appetite suppressant – I AM Lean is the antidote to curb sugar cravings. More sustainable than a sugar fuelled latte, this blend completely supports you when the 3-4PM sugar spike hits, sitting perfectly with coconut milk.

Final blend, “I AM Superman” is one for the guys, in form of post workout recovery shake. Mixing strengthening superfoods, this is a hit at stamina, energy and immune development. With B vitamins in pea protein vital for all repair systems, this handy shake focuses on helping progression of lean muscle mass, to truly realise the ‘super man’ on the inside too. With active sulphur ‘MSM’ being the key eliminator of lactic acid build up, this ingredient is beneficial for joint and heart health whether active worker or gym buff. Being a protector and a strengthener, I AM Superman is sustained and direct, disciplining compact and effortless wellbeing.

best beauty products

With only functional ingredients, these blends are a superfood only zone. Completely plant based, no dairy, soy, whey, artificial sweeteners or synthetic vitamins or minerals are included. Being pure and trusted, their appeal side-lines hysteria over health to provide genuine solution to confusion all with the ease of goodness provided in a single tablespoon.

The introduction of these blends ultimately inspires no excuse for a diluted consciousness when considering health

I found the accessibility of incorporating Naomi’s kitchen into my lifestyle overwhelmingly easy, from protein shakes proving far more inspired than a quick refined coffee and a berry porridge bowl far colourful and long-lasting than any toast topping. The introduction of these blends ultimately inspires no excuse for a diluted consciousness when considering health. With so much choice it is easy to feel disillusioned by substitutes, but importantly these blends are additions, offering easy experimentation with benefits undenied.

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