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Braced for a brand new year?  Or feeling a bit tired, scratchy and bloated?  It’s amazing how quickly the body manifests a little overindulgence – rich, sugary treats and alcohol conspire to make you feel unjustly like Mr Blobby, and can aggravate dry skin conditions and achy joints.  So here’s a collection of the best beauty products on the market to get you back to your old svelte, active, well-feeling self.  If you can shoehorn any of the following into your life for the rest of the year, so much the better.

Dejunk the trunk

It’s not so much about detoxing as retoxing in my book: refueling on nutrients to help slip off puffy inches and put a spring back in your step.  Many believe that the best way to do this is by restoring the body’s alkalinity which is shaken by acid-forming foods (sugar, alcohol, meat – need I go on?), and if you get the right system it works beautifully as a size-me-down tonic.  Juice Programmes do a 3 Day Alkaline Juice Programme which was developed by Spanish wellness experts and is delivered to you to make things easy.


best beauty products
Juice Programmes
3 Day Alkaline Juice Programme
£79.99 >

While milk thistle supports an overloaded liver, it also helps you feel less sluggish and tired.  Just For Tummies Milk Thistle, a botanical supplement developed by gut doctor Linda Booth, optimizes your liver and may ease conditions like eczema and psoriasis which some believe to be a byproduct of an out-of-kilter digestion.  Complement with light, easily digestible meals full of alkaline-forming fruit and vegetables.

best beauty products

Just For Tummies
Milk Thistle
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Max the metabolism

Body brushing is remarkably effective at boosting the metabolism by promoting circulation and lymph, the body’s natural waste disposal system which operates just under skin’s surface.  Try Legology Lymph Lite Leg Brush (£8, – sweeping it up towards you heart in light strokes before a bath/shower – you’ll be surprised at how sprightly it makes you feel.


Lymph Lite Leg Brush
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Regularly do a full body exfoliation.  Meraki Salt Scrub, rich in sea salt, encourages your body to eliminate trapped fluid (often a side-effect of salt and carbohydrate -rich food) because salt has diuretic properties.  As well as smoothing skin, an oil-based scrub like this softens and rehydrates skin, dryness often being a byproduct of low temperatures outside and high inside.  Focus on dry prone zones like shins, upper arms and hips.  £18,

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Oil the wheels

Aromatherapy oil blends with stimulating benefits are restorative to mind and body.  Elemis Musclease Active Body Oil (£33.50,, a galvanizing mix of maritime pine, sea fennel and rosemary aromatic oils, maximises the benefits of exercise, maintaining a raised circulation, easing sore muscles and stressed joints, and making you feel generally more positive.  Use it sparingly, breathing deeply to experience the therapeutic aroma as you apply.

best beauty productsElemis
Musclease Active Body Oil
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Aromatherapy qualities ramp up the lightening benefits of the humble bath salt too.  One of the most nourishing products on the market is Cowshed’s Udderly Gorgeous Bath Salts. The concentrated crystals – water-soluble mineral compounds – deep cleanse the system and uplift; regular soaks can also help with eczema, psoriasis, back pain and stiff joints – low grade wellbeing problems which often worsen after busy times in life.

best beauty productsCowshed
Udderly Gorgeous Bath Salts
£24 >

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