Best British gins – classic drinks of today, reinspired

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Although whisky still remains Britain’s favourite spirityou really can’t get much more English than the magnificent G&T, poured lusciously over stacks of ice. Whether, like Hemingway, you regard it as the drink of poets or the liquor of the London gentleman – although, we can’t imagine Byron, Rossetti or Keats would have got much done had they humoured the former notion – gin remains the most quintessential of British drinks. 

Rangpur Tanqueray Gin
Created using a unique quadruple distillation process, the latest release from this essential distillery pays homage to the Rangpur lime – in both design presentation and taste infusion. With its alive acidity, when distilled with other fine botanicals zestiness domination ensues, with a citrus character developing as taste asserts itself. Well suited to other long drinks or the perfect mainstay singularly by itself with ice, Rangpur have shown how to engineer a statue of beauty and finesse both inside and out.



Rangpur Gin

Sipsmith London Dry Gin
Small and proudly independent, Sipsmith fashion a truly artisanal gin of uncompromising quality. Boasting an inheritance of more than 200 years of distilling history, their London Dry Gin is the mediation between modern technology and classic, customary techniques. With each glass expect a gin as sophisticated as it is audacious, aromatic, dry and deeply complex. Smooth as you like and surprisingly warm on the tongue, with a gorgeously spicy finish destined to be finished with tonic.

Sipsmith London Dry Gin – available at Sipsmith

London Dry Gin

Caorunn Small Batch Gin
Scotland aren’t best known for their gin, which is surprising as they produce more of the stuff than any other country in the UK. Trying their hand with this unique small-batch wonder, the famous Balmenach distillery have championed five Scottish botanicals, including heather, dandelion, bog myrtle, rowan berries and caol blush apples to bring us Caorunn gin. Its this careful blend of native ingredients that gives Caorunn its crisp, proud taste that will make you wonder why you haven’t found Scottish small-batch gin quicker. The taste sees five botanicals that are very subtly placed on the palate, with dandelion revealing itself as the most pertinent and noteworthy. The finish is clear, dry and long with just the tiniest hint of floral apple.

Caorunn Small Batch Scottish Gin, available at Waitrose

Caorunn Small Batch Gin

Opihr Oriental Spiced London Gin
Here is a gin that will hand-lead you over and around the ancient Silk Road spice route. Exhuming ingredients from all over the world, from Malacca to Morocco, Opihr incorporate a perfectly pitched combination of timeless Oriental botanicals to deliver one of the most exciting gins available. From Indonesian cubeb berries to Indian black pepper, this delight is best served with tonic and a slice of red chilli. Being distinctively fiery from the first sip and fragrant throughout, this taste explodes. Expect jabs of coriander and spice, informing the rest of the palate with a peppery finish, quite unlike other gins.


Opihr Oriental Spiced London Gin

Williams Chase Elegant 48 Gin
Heralded the most complicated gin in the world, the Williams Chase Elegant 48 Gin is also the only gin in the world to be distilled from cider apples. Each batch is distilled over 100 times during a two-year period, eventually resulting in this truly seminal gin. The perfect strength for martinis, serve shaken and garnish with a slice of apple. A beautifully succinct taste full of citrus fruits and juniper, the finish is particularly natural and lasting, venting its voluminous aromas.

Williams Chase
Williams Elegant 48 Gin


Bulldog London Dry Gin
As name suggests, this bold gin is sharp in bite with deep flavours of cassia and coriander, which swirl in a smooth and creamy texture upon taste. With progressive sleek design, this triple-distilled neutral grain spirit is made only from the finest British wheat and water, a foundation for the purest of form. Being less dry than traditional gins, this vision is complicated but still smart and considered.


Bulldog London Dry Gin

Dodd’s Gin
Recommended to Beyond Bespoke by leading fine wine and spirits boutique Hedonism Wines, Dodd’s Gin is a refreshing new release from the London Distillery Company. Made in the tiniest of batches in their Battersea distillery, Dodd’s Gin is crafted using the curious technique of vacuum distillation to maintain its original and inspiring aromatics.
With a tremendously sweet and fruity tasting, subtle taste of honey emerges with a zesty finish in a very energetic palate.


Dodds Gin


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