Blooms for high summer

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High summer is the time for tall spiky delphiniums, frothy headed hydrangea and the last of the blowsy peonies – but the sight of sunflowers in flower markets is a sign that summer is slowly drifting to an end…

One of the delights of a London summer is the rich, verdant greenery that greets us at every turn. It’s as though Nature refuses to acknowledge the dominion of the city, creeping in through cracks and crevices to enliven our senses and remind us that it ultimately rules supreme.

Elizabeth Marsh - luxury florist

I always assume things will quieten down once we get into July, but of course there is more and more to keep us occupied, with summer weddings, parties and soirees, as well as business lunches and social events. And then, of course, we have been busy this summer with competitions. Back in May we decorated La Perla for Chelsea in Bloom, followed by Mezzet Restaurant in Thames Ditton for Hampton in Bloom in early July. We were thrilled to have been awarded a gold medal and highly commended for both events, as were the companies we represented.

The coral peony starts the week as a tight, bright coral-coloured ball of promise and ends up exploding into a huge, cream burst of petals

Right now, it’s high summer and the time for the soft, blowsy petals of the delphinium, hydrangea (below) and what is left of the peonies to send us to floral heaven. As I’ve mentioned before, the coral peony will always be my favourite peony, starting the week as a tight, bright coral-coloured ball of promise and ending up exploding into a huge burst of creamy petals.


But Nature has a way of keeping one step ahead of us and never stops at any one season for long. So already I am starting to notice sunflowers appearing on flower stalls throughout the city and berries slowly becoming available (believe it or not, we are now putting the finishing touches to our latest schemes so that our clients can dazzle, shine and sparkle during the peak of the party season in December).

amaryllis - luxury florist

It always sends a pang to my heart when I see the sunflowers, as it signals that our long, bright summer days are slowly drifting to an end. Lucky, then, that we have the prospect of amaryllis (above), chrysanthemum and all the gorgeous, sculptural delights of autumn to help soften the blow.

Elizabeth Marsh

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