Brilliantly British Biscuits for Marvellous Mothers!

Posted on by Lizzie Watson

There's a bit of a buzz at the bakery where the Biscuiteers team are busily putting the final touches to some of the most delightful biscuits you have ever seen - you'll never be able to eat them - they're far too nice! But then, they're so delicious you'll succumb to temptation soon enough!

The solution we've come to for this is to keep a few in the biscuit tin at all times and in many varieties. They're perfect for dunking in a hot cup of tea after a long day; great when you have a visit from friends, or family; and even better when you need a snack before bed. We just can't tell you enough how much we love them. 

These little works of art make the most wonderful gifts, whatever the occasion, and whoever the recipient may be. 


No 1 Mum Jolly Ginger
£6 >


Wonder Woman Jolly Ginger
£9.95 >

Emmeline Jolly Ginger
£6 >


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