Bring Back The Sun: yellow bespoke interiors

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Although it’s meant to be August, there’s very little in terms of sun and instead, my winter wardrobe has made an appearance many weeks before it’s meant to. I have therefore decided that now is the time to brighten up our bespoke interiors with all things gold and sunny. From gilt frames to yellow paint and everything in between, it’s a great time to add a little sunshine to the inside of our houses.

The house I grew up in had a yellow Kitchen and I have always remembered it as being bright and sunny…and where the food was. When used properly, yellow paint can have the most wonderful lifting effect on a room but much like with any bold colour, explore all possible shades until you find the right one. In a Kitchen, yellow walls look great against lots of wood or stone. Use two shades of yellow so that the room isn’t overpoweringly sunny and keep surrounding colours simple and complementary. Blues, whites and creams go very well with yellow so consider a shot of sunshine paint near French doors or in rooms that have a lot of light. The Dayroom Yellow needs a white primer and undercoat so that it doesn’t lose its refreshing lemon colour but a more creamy yellow like the Dorset Cream needs to be warmed up with a yellow based neutral base coat to create the soft and calming effect that this sort of colour should have. Yellow is also a good option in a Bathroom, where surrounding materials tend to be rather cold with lots of metal and ceramic. Even if you just paint one wall, the warming effect will be instant.

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Farrow & Ball
Dorset Cream No.68
From £43.50 >

bespoke interiors

Farrow & Ball
Dayroom Yellow No. 233
From £43.50 >

Unlike with paint which is best in blocks of colour, yellow based fabrics really need to be patterned or at least incorporate other colours if they’re going to blend into your desired schemes. This fabric from GP & J Baker is a perfect option; a cream based yellow background is offset by green leaves and white flowers. Consider this fabric on a slim backed armchair and only add minimal accessories if you feel it absolutely necessary. This fabric would also be a good option on an ottoman or footstool, or in a Guest Bedroom as it is sunny and warming. If you can, try and match the greens, yellows and whites to other colours in the room; you could also get away with a royal blue, as in the details of the smaller flowers. Pairing colours in different fabrics or furniture perfectly ties a scheme, and a room, together.

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GP & J Baker
Mereworth Mimosa
£124.17 per metre >

Making things sunny doesn’t mean that you just have to use yellow in your house. Gold can have much the same effect but definitely avoid either gold paint or fabric and only use it sparingly on accessories and furniture. Soane’s wonderful sharks tooth mirror is available in four sizes (the smallest at just over 37” high and the largest being 75.5”) and can be hung in either portrait or landscape. I love this mirror in a Drawing Room or Dining Room, juxtaposed with antique furniture and rich wood. The brass finish of this mirror would perfectly brighten up a room that is lacking in natural light and provides just the right amount of contemporary style in a room that perhaps is lacking in modernity.

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Soane Britain
The Sharks Tooth Mirror
From £4666 >

Sometimes when you want to add something specific into your home, it’s best to do it in small doses and when it comes to a colour like yellow or orange, this can often be the case. Enter the Moroccan style Azilal rag rug: hand woven with a thick pile of natural wool for softness and a bold pattern of bright and energetic colours. Not only will this dress up a room but the colours and materials will also warm up any kind of floor. It is perhaps best placed over stone, tile or wood and is guaranteed to bring the perfect amount of brightness where it’s most needed.

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Emily’s House London
Moroccan Azilal Rag Rug
From £375 >

Whether it’s a country cottage or a city apartment, a bit of sunny yellow or dazzling gold is the ideal addition to a house that needs to feel more like a home. In small doses or on whole walls, consider where you need the biggest amount of sun and seeing as we can’t rely on the actual sunshine, you may as well fake it with your interiors.

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