Burberry’s hot air balloon arrives at Heathrow

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Sebastian Cox, the renowned British designer-maker, has collaborated with bespoke fashion experts Burberry to create an installation for their new pop-up store at Heathrow.  The installation is located in the Terminal 2 departure lounge and is intended to celebrate “the magic of flight”, according to Burberry.

Standing at a whopping 15 metres, the Burberry balloon is inspired by Air Commodore Edward Maitland’s 1,117-mile journey from London to Russia in 1908. Maitland sported Burberry gabardine suiting for his historic flight in the ‘Mammoth’ balloon, protecting him from the severe hardships of cold at high altitude.  Cox imagined the items Maitland may have taken on his journey, and designed the balloon basket, picnic table and trestles, among various other items. Each piece is made using English oak frames, woven with English ash in an entirely bespoke diagonal weave. The installation depicts a scene akin to Edward Maitland’s balloon taking off amid a preparatory picnic, with bespoke pieces of furniture amidst the scene.

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To further engage travellers, dedicated iPads allow anyone to create and print their own Burberry postcards to send to family and friends via Burberry post boxes. The cards can be personalised with their name and travel destination, even featuring illustrations. An animated video of the Burberry Balloon and its journey from Heathrow to the chosen destination can be shared on the user’s social media account. An accompanying pop-up feature bags from Burberry’s DK88 collection, named after the house code for its signature honey-coloured gabardine. The DK88 comes in top handle, satchel and luggage-inspired styles for men and women, each featuring Burberry’s new Trench Leather.

If you’re jetting off anytime soon, keep your eyes peeled.  The Burberry Balloon will be at Heathrow from 4th May to 7th August, before embarking on the next leg of its world tour to a top secret destination.

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