Burlington Arcade revamps its iconic walkway

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If you go down to Burlington Arcade today, you’re in for a big surprise….

Burlington Arcade, probably the most famous covered shopping arcade in London and a quintessentially British building, has recently revamped its iconic walkway with a new British stone floor, which has helped re-establish it to its original splendour and glamour.

The 220-metre long walkway now consists of a 64,000-piece jigsaw of British stone and marble – each intricately cut – supplied by Britannicus Stone, which sources all its stones only from Britain.

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The walkway is a 64,000-piece jigsaw of exquisite British stone and marble

The blueprint of the new design, the vision of Jamie Fobert, a leading British architect and designer who specialises in projects involving historic buildings, gives creative nods to an original pattern found in Greenwich Palace and a trompe l’oeil decorated floor in Florence, Italy. The result is a rhythmic interlocking, three-dimensional design that reflects the arcade’s curvilinear forms found on the arches and grill work of the building.

150 tonnes of stone were used in the construction of the walkway and nearly all the stone is from three British quarries: 1,000 sq m from Moorcroft stone in Plymouth; 100 sq m from Ashburton also from Devon, and 60 sq m from Mendip.  

Orlando Boyne, director of Britannicus Stone, says: “The stone was been expertly honed to give it a real lustre and bring out the detail of all the thousands of crustaceans and remains of prehistoric fossils. It is truly a remarkable floor and one which can last a thousand years or more.”

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Floral installations at Burlington Arcade by paper artist Zoe Bradley

The covered gallery, designed by Samuel Ware and built in 1819, has been rebuilt and updated many times over the course of its 196-year existence but despite this, its appearance has remained largely unchanged; intricately detailed arches span its entire length separating each of its 17 bays, while light floods in through a vaulted glass ceiling.

To celebrate the recent changes at Burlington Arcade, paper artist Zoe Bradley has been commissioned to create impressive floral installations, hand-sculpted in paper, which will be in place until the end of September. 

For more information, visit Britannicus Stone

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