Celebrate the start of Pyjama Week!

Posted on by Abbie Coombes

For many of us, our first thought after a long day at work is getting home, popping on something comfier and putting our feet up. Today, however, it's the start of Humphrey's Pyjama week, so why not bring some of those home comforts to the office and crunch some numbers in your favourite pieces of loungewear; all for a great cause, too! 

Humphrey's Pyjama week commences today and is an annual event that helps to raise money for The Children's Trust, a charity which works alongside the Humphrey's Corner brand. The charity works to help over 40,000 children that suffer from brain injuries whether it be due to an accident, or a long term illness. All of the money raised during Pyjama Week will go towards providing specialist care for these children, as well as organising fun days out to museums, farms and the cinema. 

Humphrey's Pyjama week doesn't have to take place in a specific location, nor does it merely have to be something that the children participate in. All that's needed is a small donation of £2, and the confidence to brave the outdoors wearing something you would normally only feel comfortable lounging in around close family and friends. With Longstaff Longstaff however, you can be sure to celebrate Pyjama Week in style! 

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