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Posted on by Hayley Peters

The seaside is one of a few magical places where you can escape to and instantly feel relaxed, regardless of the weather. Even when it's raining and blustery, scorching hot, or mild and breezy, the coast remains a favourite destination for us Brits to unwind from the stress of everyday life.

Upon arriving at the beach, nostalgia is gently sprinkled over us. We are reminded of our childhoods, wading through rock pools hunting for crabs, building crumbling sandcastles, searching for smooth rocks to skip stones and tucking into Mr Whippy ice creams, doused in swirling raspberry sauce.

Oh we do like to be beside the seaside and unwrap a generous portion of crispy, battered cod and golden chips drenched in vinegar. There's comfort in listening to the great waves crashing against the rocks, watching them roll out across the shoreline and retreat back to the depths of the ocean. 

Scavenging seagulls with ketchup stained beaks ready to swoop at any moment, pastel coloured beach huts, lined up neatly in the distance and small children armed with plastic buckets and spades, their parents trailing behind them, paint our very British picture of the seaside. When we're by the sea our attitude remains unfalteringly positive, even as we eat sand filled sandwiches on a windy day, we'll simply smile and shrug our shoulders. Why? Because we're at the seaside and the sparkling, turquoise water provides us with a pleasant distraction.  

To fully enjoy a day down by the coast, wearing clothes that are stylish, yet comfortable, is essential, especially when you're sitting down during a long car journey; one that may be filled with musical compilations of are we nearly there yet? 


Rupert & Buckley's preppy Itton Graphic T-Shirt  and Killington Crew Sweater in ice cream shades of strawberry and mint. 



Relax in Rupert & Buckley's navy sea striped Spreyton T-Shirt and ocean coloured Honiton Crew



Stay cool in the sun with a Christys' London panama hat. Choose from a sand coloured Jessica Wide Brim Panama or Eleanor Panama 




Christys' London bleached Witney Cuenca Panama and navy Hoxton Snap Brim Panama 




Dive deep underwater with the ultra stylish waterproof Bloxworth by Elliot Brown and the sleek water resistant Kimmeridge  



Tusting Eliza Laguna and Eliza Marine Blue & Pastel Pink backpacks to add the ultimate colour pop to your outfit.



To carry all your beach essentials, choose from the Chestnut Clifton Leather Rucksack or Clifton Black Rucksack  by Tusting.

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