Coffee Shops located in Britain's beautiful Towns and Cities

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For many, happiness can be found at the bottom of a rich and fragrant cup of coffee whilst reclining on a luxurious sofa in a snug coffee shop. It's Coffee Week in the UK and to help you discover your coffee paradise, we've created a list of must sit in coffee shops located in some of Britain's beautiful towns and cities. 

Sam’s Kitchen Deli- 8 Stony Street, Frome BA11 1BU

Set in a red brick Edwardian building in Frome, Sam's Kitchen Deli is the perfect place to relax and sip a golden Cappuccino, or creamy Mocha. Coffee here is sourced from coffee roasters based in Bristol who use fair trade coffee beans from around the globe. Rustic wooden interiors and quirky pieces of art hang from walls in their natural state making Sam's Deli a truly instagrammable coffee shop. Live music is also a popular attraction among coffee goers with performances from local musicians and bands scheduled regularly. 


Playground Coffee and Bar- 45 St Nicholas Street, Bristol BS1 1TP

A coffee shop designed with creativity in mind and 150 board games scattered about, Playground Coffee is the ideal place to socialise with friends and drink a delightful latte. Wooden swings act as seats and doubling up as a bar, this coffee shop also offers a variety of coffee cocktails. The baristas who work here came second place in the Coffee Mixologists competition in Amsterdam earlier this year, clear recognition that coffee served here will be superb. 

The Coffee Cellar- 22 The Quay, Exeter EX2 4AP

With stunning views overlooking the Quay, the Coffee Cellar is a haven for those who desire a sparkling view of the water and an aromatic coffee. This coffee shop's interiors exude extravagance with pretty chandeliers, plush pink sofas, twinkling fairy lights adorning the walls and floral decorations thoughtfully placed on oak tables. Warm lighting and a low ceiling down in the cellar creates an intimate space for cold blustery days, while the outdoor seating area offers a joyful alfresco coffee experience in the summer. 

Society Cafe- Kingsmead Bath BA1 2AB

Situated in the Roman city of Bath, synonymous for its golden architecture steeped in history, the Society Cafe appeals to tourists and city goes alike. The cafe is cleverly designed and fitted with rustic interiors, features actual sized bicycles on the walls and houses wonderful pieces of modern art and, even has its own cinema room! A truly innovative space that welcomes not just athletic cyclists but also dogs and families with small children, and also has a dedicated creative space designed for the little ones. Coffee table books and arty magazines adorn the tables, great for those who wish to while away the hours. For those who are partial to a bit of people watching on a rainy day whist sipping an artisan coffee, this cafe overlooks the busy cobbled high street. 

The Elephant House- 21 George IV Bridge, Edinburgh EH1 1EN

Step into the Elephant House for a fresh coffee and a sprinkle of magic. J.K. Rowling wrote many of the early Harry Potter novels in this very place, perhaps drawing her inspiration for Hogwarts from the views she admired of Edinburgh castle. This is a pleasant and old fashioned coffee shop, set in a postbox red building with gold lettering, and, once inside, visitors can discover a collection of more than 600 elephants in all different sizes. Those who are lucky enough to grab a table here can enjoy a richly blended coffee in quiet admiration and wonder at how one of Britain's most famous writers put pen to paper and created marvellous characters and a magnificient world filled with witchcraft and wizardry in this very spot. 

Oliver's- 19 Cheap St, Sherborne DT9 3PU

Oliver's coffee house sits at the very top of Cheap Street in Sherborne, a historic town that is heavily populated with buildings dating back to the medieval period and 17th, 18th and 19th century architecture. This coffee house was originally a butchers until 1884. Inside, orange lanterns provide a warm glow and customers can choose to sit either at a long oak table, or find an alcove fitted with a counter and wooden chairs. Art Deco tiling still remains and a tempting selection of cheese cakes, giant cookies studded with smarties and millionaire shortcakes are available at the counter. Inhale the scent of freshly roasted coffee and choose to sip an Americano, Flat White or Macchiato while you watch the world pass by in sleepy Sherborne.

Written by Hayley Peters

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