Create Your Very Own Miniature Garden

Posted on by Hayley Peters

"Gardening is civil and social, but it wants the vigor and freedom of the forest."

Many of us may remember those frosty mornings spent pottering about in the garden, collecting twigs, bits of gravel, stones, weeds and petals; ingredients we would need to create a miniature garden for our school project. Our natural masterpieces would be lined up next to other mini gardens like our own. The teacher looked at these natural masterpieces with both humour and amazement at our sheer determination to create grand gardens on such a small scale. A plastic tray with a manicured lawn made from moss and a surrounding wall created with pebbles, a broken plant pot overspilling with dirt and scattered with an assortment of coloured petals and a trellis scaffolding, constructed from thin twigs and interwoven with daisies.

As adults, not all of us choose to live in the countryside, with rolling hills fit for biscuit tins and luscious gardens populated by peonies dancing in the wind. For those who inhabit our great and thriving cities, nature can at times be forgotten and hidden from view. Instead, the urban landscape of pavements and concrete buildings stay at the forefront of the city dweller's mind and vision.

Everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy nature and feel the benefits of "smelling the roses" once in a while, particularly during National Gardening Week. Philosopher and naturalist, Henry David Thoreau summed up the intrinsic importance for humans to connect and experience the natural world with his declaration that "we need the tonic of wilderness... and we can never have enough of nature."

Why should miniature gardens have to remain a childhood memory? After all, it's the perfect exercise in creativity after a long day at the office, and, a great opportunity for those who live in towns and cities to produce their very own natural works of art. Creating these gardens can also become a magical way to connect with nature and an activity that will entertain your own children or grandchildren on their weekends. Whether you choose to locate your miniature garden in your home or on the patio, below are some steps that will help lead you up the garden path of inspiration... 

Be Creative and use unique objects to house your garden in, such as; mugs, glasses, yogurt pots, teacups, old jewellery boxes or even a wheelbarrow, small plant pots. 

Plant flowers, cacti and succulents because the garden you create shouldn't be artificial, it should actually come to life and flower!

Create a scene, think small and imagine who might live in this garden. Use objects and props such as fairy ornaments, bits of lego (if the children won't miss them), teaspoons... be inventive and the list is endless. 

Written by Hayley Peters  Image Credits: Google Images 

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