Creating a luxury brand for your dog, your home and the discerning client

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Hugo & Otto is a luxury lifestyle brand for your dog offering you a considered choice of contemporary design led products from around the globe

Created by interior designer Caroline Bate only the most beautiful, design-led products are offered at Hugo & Otto many of which offer natural and sustainable properties. From beautiful handmade dog collars in fine Aniline, Saffiano and Nubuck leathers to a more relaxed style offering clients a choice of exclusive bespoke rope and Tweed designs. For those sleepy moments, Hugo & Otto has the most stunning contemporary designed dog beds offering orthopaedic support, natural & organic and fine Italian fabrics to multi-award winning dog and cat products achieving the prestigious RedDot Product Design Award.


Hugo & Otto
Letto dayBed Steel Blue Dog Bed
£800 >


Hugo & Otto
The Heather Brown Dog Carrier
£240 > 

Where did the idea come from to launch Hugo & Otto?

Hugo & Otto was born from working with a London client who owned a beautiful Edwardian home near Holland Park. They shared their lives with two beautiful Welsh Terrier’s called Ella and Hugo and a little Wire Hair Dachshund puppy called Otto. They lived a busy and varied well-travelled life and at 9 years young Ella and Hugo were starting to feel the home swaps from City to Country more difficult. Often, they felt frustrated and tore at their dog beds and not settling easily, leaving the owners purchasing new beds every 6 months. Looking at these gorgeous dogs you would say that they were perfectly content sleeping anywhere but, when we broke it down to why it was always after the dog bed had been laundered a few times. They would find that within months their dog beds would loose shape and the vital support their dogs really needed was no longer there.

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Sourcing the market was a challenge, my shopping list was design led, a sustainable product with orthopaedic infill, handmade as much as possible, and what was totally important it must be washable, easy right? The market is flooded with Kitsch design and cheap imports, and often many luxury branded products are gorgeous but you may find that the infill and mattresses are still made with inferior infill. Once they go into the washing machine the infill breaks down and over time loose elasticity and that vital support.

What is your USP?

Having an interior design background I understand the importance of bespoke interiors for a client that prefers design led products but also offering that vital comfort ingredient for your dog. We believe in customer service first and beautiful Hugo & Otto branded wrapping to offer you that face to face shopping experience when you receive your product at home. And no matter what your question is or if you need to source anything that we do not stock we are more than happy to help you. Having that old traditional customer service value goes a long way to creating a solid background for your business.

designer dog accessories

Who are your clients at Hugo & Otto?

At Hugo & Otto we work with clients from country cottage owners to farmers and estate owners, City apartment owners with dachshund’s riding their vespa’s to those who fly off in private jets to those who live quietly by the sea you will find one common bond their love of their dog and the return of that love back. Every dog’s needs is the same the basic need for love above everything, a good healthy diet, exercise and a warm, comfortable bed. Sourcing the right product for your dog breed type is where we make that happen as we get to talk to global designers some of whom have won prestigious awards and who have researched, tried and tested the products prior to launching. It is definitely not about the label of the product it is about the quality and construction first.

You work a lot with animal charities tell us about that?

We support many local and far stretching charities within the Uk and Europe that have included The Dogs Trust, The Mayhew and with celebrity vet Marc Abraham who founded Pup Aid. Every year they put on a fantastic event at Primrose Hill showcasing dogs that have been re-homed, fostered and adopted with fun events, dog shows and other animal charities that need support, getting their message over in a good positive way.


Hugo & Otto
Tiergarten Dog Lead Nubuck Cherry Red
£115 >


Hugo & Otto
Tiergarten Dog Collar in Cherry Red
£53 > 

Do you have a favourite luxury accessory for dogs?

There are so many, the Letto dayBed by MiaCara for it’s outstanding design and capabilities, the classic and simple Tiergarten dog collar and lead by Cloud7 handmade simply in the softest nubuck leather which does not damage your dog’s hair. But I have to say my firm favourite is the Dog Carrier by Cloud7 now in a new waterproof fabric it was the first dog product that my beloved Finnbar saw in Scotland when he was just 10 weeks old. The dog carrier is handmade in an organic hemp cotton with beautifully soft leather handles, the secret is the inner lining, so soft in natural lambswool your dog just falls asleep as they feel warm and safe inside, but it also pops out so that if you are on the move to friends and family you can pull out the lining and it is an instant dog bed which they of course know and love and for a little wee wire haired dachshund this is his perfect idea of heaven being warm and safe and being by my side.

designer dog accessories

Do you also cater for cats?
Last November, we launched our cat range, Olympia London. It’s a very small range but a beautiful one with contemporary products, such as the Vista cat lounge and Topo cat toy.

Shop their full collection here, or click here for more information about Hugo & Otto

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