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The stress-relieving technique of mindfulness seems to be taking the country by storm (or perhaps, gentle breeze) at present. With celebrities such as Emma Watson singing its praises, and with mindfulness meditation being incorporated into luxury holidays worldwide, it may be mistaken as a fashion or fad which is soon to pass, but it is an attitude adjuster that even the NHS is encouraging.

Stress, anxiety and depression rates are high, with over 600 cases of work-related stress alone being diagnosed per day, and studies have found mindfulness to be just as effective as antidepressants in some people. In accordance with this, hundreds of mindfulness apps have emerged, and so pocket meditation has become the easy new saviour for many. However useful these apps may be, why not introduce the mind-clearing tactic to the whole family by engaging them in some summer activities? You don’t need to be suffering from stress to benefit from the training of a tranquil mind, as teaching mindfulness can be just as preventative as it is curing, and can be applied to everyday activities to give you some much-needed clarity. So, if you’re struggling to rid your mind of past or future negativities, get caught up in the present with these all-encompassing British days out.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Sussex
Frothy water on your feet, sounds of the ocean’s soft waves, sea-salted air filling your lungs – there’s plenty of distractions for the senses here. Glide across the ocean in a standing position using only a paddle to direct you. Doubles as a core workout, so you’ll be feeling the benefit both mentally and physically days after. With British Stand Up Paddle Association Qualified Instructors teaching on the water, it’s promised to be an easier alternative to surfing whilst being just as fun for all the family.

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The Kitesurf Centre, Camber
Introductory Lesson
£49 >

Xrunner eXtreme Fun Run, locations across the Midlands
Physical exercise has always been a go-to de-stressor, encouraging the release of endorphins to induce a good night’s sleep and a more positive mind. By focussing on the present, such as your breathing and surroundings, you can incorporate the mindfulness approach too. This particular fun run has a minimum age of 15, and with over 30 obstacles such as water slides, mud mountains and tunnels, your physical and mental endurance will be put to the test and will leave you feeling anything but negative.

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Xrunner eXtreme Fun Run, Midlands
Wild Warrior (23rd September 2017)
from £49 >

Soul Circus Yoga & Wellness Festival, Gloucester
You don’t have to be super-adventurous to find an outdoor activity where you can practice mindfulness. If you’d prefer something a bit more musical, why not release tension through yoga before getting glittered up for some evening dancing at the Soul Circus Yoga & Wellness Festival. There’s a range of activities for kids, too, such as mindfulness story times and mindful adventure walks.

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Soul Circus Yoga & Wellness Festival, Gloucester
Weekend ticket
£199 >

Hunter Gather Cook, Sussex
Some guides to mindfulness suggest taking a chocolate bar and fully ‘experiencing’ each bite, from the taste to the texture. With this in mind, what’s to stop you from applying mindfulness to cooking a meal from scratch, before enjoying every homemade mouthful. If you want to make a day of it, Hunter Gather Cook takes cooking from ‘scratch’ one step further. Learn to skin, gut and joint wild meat at the butchery camp, then gather wild food on the foraging walk before preparing it all in a delicious 2-course meal. Do it to get a real taste for a life in the woods, or at least a taste for the wild cocktails served in the evening.

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Hunter Gather Cook, Sussex
Seasonal Day Course
from £120 >

Bath Aqua Glass, Bath
What better way to spend your day than creating something that you and your family can take home afterwards as a memory? Feel the heat as a professional glassblower guides you to make a beautiful glass sculpture, from shaping the molten glass to applying colour. It’s a task that requires focus, yet it is strangely calming and truly rewarding as you watch your glass take form. The finished product will be ready for collection or delivery the next day, and can be a mascot of positivity for years to come.


Bath Aqua Glass, Bath
Half-Day Glassmaking Course
£120 >

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