Designing Bespoke Candles with Rachel Vosper

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It’s Friday afternoon in February and I’m walking along the oh so charming Kinnerton Street looking for Rachel Vosper, the leading British candle chandler who specialises in hand-poured candles and signature home fragrances, all designed and created in her Belgravia atelier in the heart of London. With over 20 years of experience in the candle making industry, Vosper has designed and created bespoke candles for an array of high-end shops and private clients worldwide.


Today she is going to teach me to make a candle. My nose finds her shop before my eyes do. It’s a powerful and alluring invitation to step inside. The aroma filled showroom perfectly represents the brand that is pure understated and unadulterated luxury. A warm smiley welcome from Rachel’s assistant, and an introduction to the range of pre-prepared candles for sale. Large and small, all perfectly crafted and in a range of vessels that would make gift buying very easy. We then go into the preparation room, which is a cross between a shaker style kitchen and a laboratory. This is the space where all of these wonderful candles are each individually hand poured. On the work table are some very beautiful looking glassware being filled with the customers chosen aroma infused wax. Of course they were Lalique! This is a great service where you can take along almost any suitable receptacle, and having chosen your perfect aroma your candle will be created for you.


I’m taken on a sensory journey to discover the perfect aroma for me. The fragrance library is explained and I experience a wide variety, each one tells its own story and provokes a different response. It’s a very personal choice with no right or wrong. I opt for Vostes; Rhubarb, Orange, Jasmine, Sandalwood, Clove, Vanilla and Nutmeg. Quite masculine and perfect for my “Mandle”. Now with the hard work done I’m offered a glass of Champagne, given an apron and it’s off to make the candle. It’s very simple, but that doesn’t mean easy and I’m expertly guided to the finished article. I have to say I felt pretty pleased with myself, there is something extremely satisfying about this process. Possibly I have discovered a new form of aroma therapy!

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