Detox before the festive nosh

Posted on by Abbie Coombes

It will soon be the season of unlimited pigs in blankets, turkey, Christmas pudding, cheese boards and wine. But for now, it's time to do some pre- festive party prep and we know just the brand that can help; Nosh Detox of course!

Nosh Detox 'creates natural solutions for health and wellness problems and delivers them straight to your door.' It is a brand that is centred around the creation of bespoke nutritional programmes, so whatever your health problem, Nosh promises to help address these through its freshly made food and juices. They just so happen to be diary and gluten free too! It's a great way to shed some pounds, fight fatigue and bloatedness; all of those things that we will experience after those mammoth Christmas dinners and the endless party food. What better way to get yourself prepared! 

There is without a doubt, a stigma attached to 'Detox Diets' as merely marketing myths rather than being nutritionally beneficial and effective in achieving the desire effect. Dietitian, Amanda Johnson commented that whilst 'they sound like a great concept, unfortunately, many of the claims made by detox promoters are wild and exaggerated.' Whilst this may be true for those extreme, on the verge of fasting, detox methods, this is certainly disputable with Geeta Sidhu- Robb's multi-award winning company Nosh Detox and her freshly made, non-pasteurised juice diets and nutritional food plans. 

Nosh Detox embodies 6 core values to support, enhance and make your detox both possible and effective....

1. EMPOWERING - The brand seeks to empower people by ensuring that they strive towards their goals. 

2. INNOVATORS - Nosh continues to innovate its products to ensure that their clients are provided with the best and bespoke dietary needs.

3. IMPROVEMENT - It is a brand that is proud to say that it improves health, wellbeing, mindfulness and the lives of the individuals that it empowers. 

4. LISTEN & SERVE - Nosh prides itself on its ability to listen, care and serve- your health and wellbeing is always number one. 

5. DEDICATION - Always dedicated and devoted to its customers.

6. N.O.S.H - Nosh stands for Natural, Organic, Safe and Healthy

So, if you want to leave room for those extra potatoes and pigs in blankets without taking extreme measures, here's just one small change you can make to your everyday diet...

For breakfast why not try... A CHOCOLATE ALMOND BUTTER SMOOTHIE (That's probably the last thing you were expecting, I'm sure!) 


1/3 cup organic canned coconut milk

3 handfuls fresh organic spinach

2 tbsp almond butter

1 tbsp cocoa powder

1 cup crushed ice or water


Place all ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth. Add more water if necessary.




Carbs: 20.8g

Protein: 12.6g

Fat: 24.85g



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