Driving in style

Posted on by Lizzie Watson

Gizelle Renee, British Glover of the Year 2017, explains why driving gloves are always on trend. With Goodwood's Festival of Speed starting this week, a driving glove isn't just a luxury accessory, but an essential one.

Their thin, soft leather designs give a driver increased control of the vehicle as the grain, and the pores present in the leather give the gloves a unique ability to assist the wearer's grip on the steering wheel and gear stick. Fitting tightly, they don't interfere with the hands' movements, yet the increased grip allows for more control - particularly at higher speeds.

Goodwood is home to a myriad of sporting passions - golf, shooting, flying, cricket, horseracing and motorsport - and this year is celebrating 25 years since the very first Festival of Speed redefined the car eventing world. With a rare attention to detail, the estate's amazing history has continually adapted its offering in the modern world with some clever visions and groundbreaking concepts in art, design, and within the racing world. 

Are driving gloves still on trend?

Absolutely. Women tend to wear driving gloves as a fashion statement and men are starting to get more confident with the idea that you can wear them in and out of the car. Leather acts as a natural moisturiser for the hand so driving gloves are a really great way to add protection and moisturiser whilst making you look good. People are becoming more daring with their colour palettes and choosing bolder colours like apple yellow, red and orange as opposed to the traditional black.

What are your best-selling driving gloves?

Both the Bega and Bernadette driving gloves sell well. The traditional black is still the most popular colour but we are seeing an uplift in sales for colour which we love. But the Serena is a fingerless driving glove and believe this will take the lead as you can use your fingers for digital settings in the car whilst driving.

Who buy the most - men or women?

Honestly, this is a tough one. Men buy for their purpose – driving. Women buy for fashion.

What makes driving gloves such a useful in-car accessory?

I could go on and on about why it’s essential everyone who drives should own a pair of driving gloves but instead of boring you too much I will list five reasons why they are a must:

-They protect your hands from dirt

-They shield your hands from the cold and/or sun exposure

-They make the steering wheel more comfortable

-The act as a natural moisturiser for the hands

-They look amazing!

Do you have a pair of driving gloves? 

I do have a pair of driving gloves. Right now I'm wearing a pair from the SS18 collection called Serena. And yes, I wear them in and out of the car!