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In 2017, the education landscape will continue to evolve. Globalisation and the mobility of international students will make finding a place at the best independent schools and universities in the US and UK more competitive. As a result, parents are faced with the challenge of making important decisions earlier and earlier. Which pre-prep will help me find a place at a great prep school? Will that prep school be a good route to the senior school I am interested in? Will that senior school provide the best possible platform for applying to a top university?

With more decisions than ever, as well as the need to compete against rising demand for the best education options, it is more and more common for families to work with an education consultant long-term, a practice already very common in the United States, for example.

By working with an education consultant, families have access to expertise and practical guidance that will help them navigate increasingly complex and competitive systems, whether they seek short-term support for a specific exam, or the long-term curation of their academic journey.

To welcome the New Year, a team of our top consultants at Dukes Education gathered together on film to explain why we do what we do.

Dukes Education Consultancy provides expertise and practical educational services to help parents and their children enjoy the most fulfilling education possible at every stage. The consultancy provides three main services:

School Placement, helping parents gain places at the most competitive British nurseries, pre-prep, prep and senior schools
Private Tuition, from early school admissions tests like the 11+, throughout GCSEs, A Levels, IB and Pre-U
…and finally, the best University Application Support available for Oxford, Cambridge, the top American universities and the Russell Group in the UK.

At Dukes Education Consultancy, we believe that education is a lifelong joy. We aim always to instil a positive relationship with learning in every student, providing them the academic environment in which they will thrive.

If you would like to read more about Dukes Education, click here to view their member profile.

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