Eight of the best Easter eggs

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Crack into this selection of eight of the most exquisite luxury Easter eggs around, from six golden praline eggs at Fortnum & Mason to delicate blue egg creations at Daylesford



This pretty eau de nil egg box is filled with truffle eggs in a variety of flavours, from Marc de Champagne, milk, and dark to sea-salted caramel and decadent praline. £19.50, Fortnum & Mason


These eggs have been exclusively designed for Daylesford to look like the blue eggs laid by their legbar chicken. Made from milk chocolate enrobed in blue chocolate naturally dyed with spiriulina. £40, Daylesford


Housed in a collectible copper egg tin is a decadent assortment of individually wrapped flavoured chocolates from Simply Chocolate. £34.95, Harrods

Easter eggs holding


Six real hen egg shells have been intricately hollowed, painted gold for fairytale appeal and filled to the brim with praline chocolate. £25, Fortnum & Mason

luxury Easter eggs Montezuma's

A thick shelled egg filled with dark chocolate soft-centred mini truffle eggs, £19.99, Montezuma’s

Easter Ganache Gift Box £19.50 luxury Easter eggs

Filled with ganache that has been flavoured with lemon, raspberry and passion fruit puree, these dark chocolate shell eggs make a delicious Easter gift. £19.50, Fortnum & Mason

luxury Easter eggs Fortnum & Mason

Create the ultimate Easter egg hunt with this Harrods hamper brimming with mini chocolate Easter eggs, chocolate ‘lollies’ and little sheep bags for collecting treasures. £150, Harrods

luxury Easter eggs - Fortnum & Mason beehive egg
Made from Valrhona chocolate, this limited-edition chocolate beehive sculpture is inspired by the beehives on the roof of Fortnum’s. £250, Fortnum & Mason

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