Eloise Hall talks candles, Emmeline Pankhurst and the #metoo debate

Posted on by Abbie Coombes

Today, we're talking to the woman behind the Eloise Hall brand. Her passion to create homewares that are fragrant with the aromas of the natural world and her admiration for those individuals who have made it possible for women to achieve their career goals, emanates throughout this Q & A piece. It is not only great to see how entrepreneurial spirits such as Eloise have become successful, but also the way in which the women of Britain, both past, and present, have inspired and encouraged belief in their ideas.

Tell us about the idea behind the Eloise Hall brand?

Eloise Hall invites you to take a moment to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life.  Whether it’s a boost from the fluttery brilliance of butterflies or the botanical benefits of carefully blended essential oils, our exquisite collection will help you reconnect with the wonders of nature and regain your sense of wellbeing.

Do you have a favourite, go to candle or diffuser?

It’s a bit like saying which is your favourite child!  It was a real pleasure to work with our natural perfumier to create the beautiful fragrances for all the candles and diffusers.  For me, the choice is mood dependent since the essential oils in our products mean they are genuinely therapeutic.

What's been your biggest career highlight so far? 

My biggest career highlight has been working with brands that I love and respect. I’m thrilled that we supply an array of wonderful retailers including Daunt Books (the Marylebone branch is my most favourite shop in the world!), Kew Gardens, Wisley, Fenwick and most recently the gorgeous Daylesford Organic shops.  We’re also the house stationery for Chewton Glen, wouldn’t you just love to stay in one of their tree houses?

What's your advice for young, female British entrepreneurs of the future?

My advice is 'go for it and enjoy the ride', it's so interesting running your own business and once you’ve taken the ‘big leap’ you won’t look back!  There are times when you’re trying to figure it out and I think you need to create a bit of ‘village’ to guide you.  I feel lucky to have a great group of contemporaries in my industry who are a very good support and also an invaluable source of information.  Insights from some highly experienced mentors have also been hugely beneficial.  It’s a constant learning curve and that’s what I really enjoy.

What inspires you in the world of product innovation?

I think the most exciting area right now is artificial intelligence, there’s so much going on in this sphere and it will really change our lives.  I also can’t wait for the driverless cars, no more debate about who’s driving home!

Who is your female role model, and what has been the importance of her impact on your life?

My role model is Emma Bridgewater, she’s a successful woman who has balanced the challenges of a career with a family of four.  She is a great business woman who is fun, intelligent and has created an iconic brand seen in many kitchens around the country.  I admire the way Emma looks after her staff and for what she has done for Stoke on Trent.  She encouraged me to go for it and stand out from the crowd, her advice made me create a very bold look at my first trade show which got things off to an incredible start and I haven’t looked back!

How is feminism motivating change across the world?

We live in interesting times at the moment.  We have come a long way and it's incredible to think back to a time when women were unable to vote.  Thank you, Emmeline Pankhurst, for fighting so hard! We are extremely fortunate as women in the Western world to have considerably more freedom than many but there is still progress to be made and which the current #Metoo debate highlights. Change takes time and little steps are being made along the way, for example, the fact that finally women are allowed to drive in Saudia Arabia. 

What changes towards equality are you most looking forward to seeing as women continue to join forces to advocate diversity?

I would like to see a world where women across the world are genuinely considered equal and that unconscious bias is a thing of the past.  A time when ‘mansplaining’ goes out of the dictionary since it simply doesn’t happen…..might take a while though!  In the meantime, we can raise our girls to believe anything is possible and that’s exciting.

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Written by Abbie Coombes