Embellish your home with British flowers this summer

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Nothing spruces up a house or garden like an abundance of colourful flowering plants. Whether you prefer to carefully pick your plants based on a colour scheme, or just merely throw random seeds at the flower bed and see what happens, there’s no doubt that native British flowers include some of the prettiest blooms around. Take a look at these wild flower species if you’re looking to add more beauty to your garden, and these British luxury florists for the bouquets that will add splendour to your house.

Field Poppy
The famous red poppy is a flower commonly found growing in cornfields. Sprinkle the seeds amidst the gaps of your flower bed to add pops of vibrant red to a border of green. They flower from mid-June all the way through to September, so you’re almost guaranteed a little colour all summer long.


Possibly best known for its powerfully sweet fragrance, honeysuckle is a climbing plant which flowers just in time for long summer days spent in the garden. You’ll also be attracting white admiral butterflies to the garden, as this declining species relies exclusively on honeysuckle.

Unknown-184Flickr – Lisa J R Williams

Pyramidal Orchid
These impressive pyramid clusters of vivid pink flowers with a clove-like scent could really brighten the garden. Choose a sunny spot of the garden for them to grow to their full potential.

Unknown-185Flickr – Stuart Read

Dog Rose
This species of wild rose is great, grown in a mixed hedge if you want to keep wildlife out of the garden, due to the prickly stems. The pretty flowers have a light fragrance, and will definitely enliven a dull-looking hedgerow.

Unknown-187Flickr – Pickypix

Bloom & Wild
This is a florist with a difference. Choose your bouquet on their website, and with just a few clicks, they’ll send you the flowers fresh in a protective box that can fit through your letterbox, so you don’t even need to be in to receive them. You then get the fun of arranging the flowers however you like at home, or you can use the instructions provided if flower arrangement isn’t your forte. Many of their bouquets include wild flower foliage, so you can channel British countryside garden vibes inside too.

luxury florists

Bloom & Wild
The Maisie
£33 >

Elizabeth Marsh
Based in New Covent Garden Market, Elizabeth Marsh is an award-winning company offering bouquets, weekly flowers, and event flowers for customers including Rolex, Roux Brothers and Four Seasons. There are flowers fit to brighten any home, with an impressive flair.

luxury florists

Elizabeth Marsh
Something to Cherish
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