Exquisite wallpapers using Traditional techniques, Rekindle Patterns of old

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Pattern has long been making a comeback in the classic interiors of our homes as we slowly move away from very clean-cut, block colours. We’ve been bringing pattern in, on fabrics and stencils, to our furniture for a few years now, but wallpaper is making a real comeback, and our one feature wall is turning into a feature room. What’s really wonderful is the pull towards rekindling patterns of old.

Marthe Armitage, an artist in her London studio, works with her daughter and grandson to produce the most exquisite wallpapers using traditional techniques. Hand printed, bespoke custom printed papers are some of the most desirable today as we seek to inject a very unique touch to our homes.

Marthe Armitage Prints are entire works of art in their own right.

classic interiors

classic interiors

Marthe settles in beautifully amongst the collections from Hamilton Western who have skilfully recreated and remastered fragments of old wallpapers dating from the Georgian and Edwardian periods.
Recapturing vintage classics is moving away from just restoring historic buildings, but entering our own homes to celebrate the very distinctive and unusual patterns of old. What is so magnificent is how well they work in their new, contemporary settings.

classic interiors

Molly Mahon, is a British printmaker creating ‘functional art’ as the term has been coined, and her hand block-printing technique is applied to fabrics and wallpapers. She’s inspired by ‘bringing homes to life’ with her work, as well as the natural world.
This growing desire for pattern in our homes gives talented artists like Molly the opportunity to use their skills to offer collections of bespoke works that are ‘contemporary in style, whilst maintaining an age old tradition’.

classic interiors classic interiors classic interiors

As we celebrate Wallpaper Week we can marvel at the true craftsmanship of artists in Britain whose unfailing care and meticulous precision are keeping the crafts of old alive.

(Feature photo credit: Molly Mahon)

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