Family Activities Made for Rainy Days

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British summertime brings hopes for warm days and blue skies, but promises at least a few rainy spells. Whilst it’s easy to just curl up on the sofa with your favourite vintage books or spend the day doing housework, that can get quite boring when the rain still hasn’t subsided a week in. Why not engage in some of these family-and-rain-friendly activities instead?

Everyman Cinema

It can’t get cosier than watching a film inside whilst there’s a torrential downpour outside. Couple that with buttery popcorn and you’ve got a plan. If you fancy a change from your regular cinema, a new wave of extra-comfy cinemas have been popping up, like Everyman Cinemas in various locations including Bristol and Kings Cross, featuring snug sofas and hot food from the bar menu.

vintage booksEveryman Cinema

Vertigo 5D Cinema

If the kids aren’t excited by the idea of a luxurious cinema then why not try a 5D Cinema, such as the Vertigo 5D cinema in London? Kids need to be over 6 years old, but will love the way the short films come to life, thanks to the moving platform, bubbles, smoke, water and wind effects.

vintage booksVertigo 5D
Four tickets
£16 >

Team Sport Go Karting

For the adrenaline junkies, test your driving skills by racing around a go karting track. Split yourself into teams if you like to get competitive, or just have some fun as a family. Team Sport host a number of locations across the country so you don’t need to travel far.

vintage booksTeam Sport

Twinwoods Adventure Indoor Surfing

Prepare for warmer days spent soaking up the sun and riding the waves by surfing indoors at Twinwoods Adventure in Bedford. Great for refreshing your surfing skills, or for building up your confidence as a beginner, the FlowRider creates perfect ocean-like waves that are 10m across.

vintage booksTwinwoods Adventure
Adult Surf Session / Child Surf Session (peak pricing)
£34.99 > / £24.99 >


With venues in Bristol and Guildford, and with Solihull and Croydon coming soon, Airhop indoor trampoline parks provide boundless fun for everyone. Somersault over obstacles, backflip into foam pits, and bounce to avoid the dodgeballs before refuelling at the café overlooking the fun.

vintage booksAirhop
Standard Jump
£12.00 >

Breakin’ Escape Rooms

If the family has been stuck in a rut of careless summer days, sharpen those minds by working together to escape from one of six diverse scenarios. Based in London, the immersive situations include helping a superhero escape the clutches of his nemesis, and successfully executing a bank heist plan in Manhattan under the cover of a high-speed street race.

vintage booksBreakin’ Escape
5 People (Monday-Friday 10-4)
£17 each >

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