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In actual fact, I’m not feeling remotely floral because it’s pouring with rain and my jumper has a hole in it. The coldest months are the perfect time to inject some warming colour into our homes and the sunniest way to do that is with all things floral.

British homes have long harboured a love for flowery fabrics and botanical prints; whatever trends come and go, floral designs will continue to occupy the number one spot. However, where we once had to choose between ‘Pink Rose on Ivory’ or ‘Pink Rose on Cream’, there are now whole nurseries full of bright blooms to choose from. Floral now means so much more then just flowers.

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Great Dahlia, Original on Oyster, from £197 per metre, Bennison Fabrics.

This first flowery choice is one of my new favourites; dahlias (and great ones at that) have replaced the more typical rose print and the result is really quite beautiful. Dahlias allow for a more spread out pattern as well as various shades of colour, and the green of the leaf keeps it from looking monotonous. This linen-mix fabric is also printed onto oyster, which is more of a grey than the common ivory or cream and so lends a slightly more modern look. Despite flowers being instantly reminiscent of summer, this fabric would work well in the winter as well, making it an ideal choice for curtains. In a Bedroom, this fabric would make stunning French headed, floor length curtains and when lined, would be heavy enough for winter without being useless in the summer. Keeping surrounding furniture simple would stop this fabric from making a room look too girly and curtains would do this too as if the fabric falls in pleats, it helps break up the pattern.

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Hannah Rose cushion, £115, from the Rosehip and Poppy
collection by Katie Charleson.

When it comes to floral patterns, it’s easy to veer towards the pinks as we find bolder colours like reds much harder to place. However, red makes for the most wonderful floral patterns and, contrary to what you might assume, it can be paired with all sorts of other colours. The Hannah Rose cushion by Katie Charleson is a prime example. The red poppies are bright and fun, whereas the pretty mint trim makes for a very elegant cushion; one that would work just as well in a Kitchen or children’s Bedroom as it would in the smartest of Drawing Rooms. They’re also wonderfully floral without being too feminine, which is another bonus of using reds instead of pinks! Consider these as bed cushions, with dark wooden furniture and lots of white or on a window seat to jazz up a simple Kitchen.

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From left: Magnolia & Blossom in Amethyst/Silver; Magnolia & Blossom in Mineral/Teal, from £48.33 per metre, both Sanderson

There are of course, very few limits when it comes to something like florals. Sanderson’s new collection of wallpapers has a real spectrum of flowery fabrics and their ‘Magnolia & Blossom’ incorporates a real range of colours. The amethyst/silver and mineral/teal colourways are two of our favourites; both would make for beautiful Roman blinds to liven up a simple Cloakroom or Bathroom. With magnolia flowers, cherry blossom and wisteria all organised into groups of trees, this is a real statement fabric. The Amethyst/Silver has a warm feel to it with rich pinks and dark green leaves, whereas the Mineral/Teal is slightly paler and less bold, for those who want more of a subtle touch. Sanderson’s Waterperry collection (from where Magnolia & Blossom comes) also has some vibrant floral wallpaper, which is another good choice for a Bathroom or a Hallway.

There aren’t any rooms in any home that wouldn’t work well with florals in some way. Whether it’s a small Roman blind or an entire wall, ‘florals’ as a term encompasses a mass of things and doesn’t have to necessarily mean pink roses. Every type of flower in every colour is a possibility and when you’re house needs a bit of warming up, there really isn’t anything better.

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