Festival Essentials Check List

Posted on by Abbie Coombes

As soon as we get through the gates at Reading, Bestival or Latitude, all that we really want to do is quickly assemble the tent and head over to the main stage. This however, means organisation is key. Fortunately, we've compiled our top must-have festival essentials; from bum bags and glitter, to portable chargers, so you can tick off that check list before heading to the fields.  

A Portable Charger 

If you don't instagram a photo of the stage and your favourite band, then have you really been to a festival? The prospect of camping away for a weekend without electricity, can be a daunting one for millennials, and a portable charger is a great way to get around this. It also means your instagram followers won't be wondering where you are either!


A Bumbag 

A bumbag is a festival must-have. Not only is it a more secure way of storing your mobile phones and money, it is without a doubt, far more practical when you're dancing, or moshing your troubles away! Be as bold as you want with this glitter covered and checkered designed bum bags from Topshop. 



It's all about out-sparkling the rest when it comes to festivals- go glitter, or go home! Be sure to pick up some glitzy body glitter and eye shadow so you can glimmer in the sun. 



It may feel like we're living in the Mediterranean at the moment, but you can never be too careful not to overlook the unpredictability of the British weather. Just in case it does take a turn for the worse, make sure you're prepared to take on those muddy fields!



Whether you wear them to protect yourself from the sun, or merely for a stylish effect, a hat is an essential for any festival goer. 



To complete your festival look, it goes without saying that a groovy pair of shades must be incorporated into your outfit.



Just because you're going to a festival, it doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice your cleanliness. With this dry shampoo and make up wipes, you can keep your hair and face looking fresh. You might be without a shower, but don't feel like you have to compromise!



A tent is an obvious festival essential. Finding one however, that has with it some small home comforts, is even better! You also don't want to be spending hours on end trying to put one together, whilst you hear your favourite band playing in the distance. This Easy Camp Spirit 300 Camping Tent should do the trick!

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