Five back-to-nature adventures

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From a treehouse retreat in the Amazon to a rainforest eco-lodge in Costa Rica, these adventure holidays takes thrill-seeking on to a whole new level

Treehouse Retreat for Two in the Amazon
Experience the beauty and serenity of the Amazon rainforest on this eco-friendly retreat. Under an English-speaking guide, you and a friend will experience a true, traditional dugout canoe as you explore the Amazon River, forage for medicinal properties in the jungle and witness the Kukama community’s craftsmanship as you learn their language. You will encounter manatees, monkeys, dolphins and birds. Your private lodgings blend into the jungle’s canopy 67ft above the forest floor, filled with luxurious furnishings. Open your mind as you taste traditional Amazonian cuisine to complete your jungle experience.

Forest of Knives, Madagascar
The Tsingy Forests, also known as the Forest of Knives consists of vertical, sharp limestone rocks to create a unique forest where wildlife exists easily. One of the least visited national parks, this is a rock climber and hiker’s paradise. Just remember this place isn’t for the faint of heart. Between the 300 feet rocks lie vegetation where 100 types of bird, 11 types of lemur and 45 kinds of reptile forage for food. Experience this stone forest with a guided tour, including various stops and experiences. Be ready to fly, as the only way in or out is by helicopter.

Darwin Adventure for Two, Galapagos Islands
Does the thought of tracing the steps of the greatest naturalist inspire you? Experience Charles Darwin’s Galapagos islands in a one-of-a-kind adventure. You and a guest will get behind-the-scenes access to the Galapagos Islands, with a rare tour of the Charles Darwin Foundation Research Station. You will have the chance to learn photography from a National Geographic certified instructor. The very type of finches Darwin wrote of will be yours to photograph. Experiences abound, for you can dive with turtles, swim with penguins while on your private boat that travels between three of the most biologically diverse islands.


Rainforest Eco-lodge for Two, in Costa Rica
The Osa rainforest is undeniably one of the most biologically diverse places on earth. It is an ideal place for someone wanting to really get back to nature. For this adventure, bring a guest and spend eight nights in an award-winning eco-lodge dedicated to environmental sustainability. Spend your time exploring the forest on a guided nature tour, and continue on to see a working, sustainable, organic coffee plantation, where you’ll learn the history and enjoy a cupping experience. The next day will be a thriller – including your choice of kayaking, white water rafting and horseback riding. Finish your experience by attending one of the remarkable outdoor spas.

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