Five quintessentially British things we love about the Great British Bake Off

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There’s no debating it, The Great British Bake Off has indeed become a Great British favourite in recent years. Over 10 million of us consistently tune in every week, proving that the programme has become a staple part of Wednesday evenings in households across the nation. And whether it be the smutty one-liners from Mel & Sue, or just that we get to sit and watch cake for an hour, we can’t help but notice that the bake off just oozes a sort of British-ness.

Following the news that big changes lie ahead for the Bake Off,  we’re reflecting on the quintessentially British things we love most about the show…

1. It’s oh-so quaint
Since 2014 idyllic Welford Park in Berkshire has played host to the Bake Off. If you ask us, there are few things more quaint than a group of baking fanatics spending their weekends producing culinary delights against the backdrop of the rolling English countryside.


2. Mel & Sue
Enough said. No but really, we’ll sorely miss the innuendo Queen’s in the next series of The Great British Bake Off. There is something overtly British about their sarcastic one-liners in moments of tension. And from soggy bottoms to hot baps, we can’t get enough of their classic British smut. Oo-er.


3. There’s something very village fête about it all
Maybe it’s the white marquee, maybe it’s the abundance of homemade goodies on display – one thing we can all agree on is that the Bake Off has a strong element of the classic British village fête about it.


4. It’s so serious, but none of us can really work out why
We’re all guilty of feeling genuinely nervous about whether our favourite contestants dreams will crumble during biscuit week.  Nobody seems to know exactly why, but there’s something so emotionally involving about the Bake Off that draws us all in.


5. How cool, calm and collected the participants are
Unlike our American counterparts there have been relatively few reality TV style meltdowns in the past six years – which is surprising really. Cake is series business after all. Having said that, Iain’s infamous baked alaska and the #bingate saga that followed isn’t going to be forgotten anytime soon.


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