Fresh fragrances you’ll wear all summer long

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We’ve compiled a list of summery scents so that you’re smelling divine all throughout summer. Scorching days at the beach or an afternoon luncheon in the sun, it’s important to switch up your perfume collection just like your wardrobe. Your favourite winter perfume may be too overpowering for the summer season, so ensure that your perfumes are light to complement your summer wardrobe.  Here are some of the best bespoke fragrances to make your summer extra special

Fragrance rule number one: the hotter the day, the lighter the perfume. Burberry’s feminine Brit Sheer fragrance boasts of a luxurious blend of pink peony, black grape over a white musk base. The masterful mix creates a light and airy aroma and is perfect for warmer days and formal occasions where you may wish to keep your scent sheer and light.

best beauty products Burberry
Brit Sheer Eau du Toilette (100ml)
£56 >

Jo Malone 
Don’t let the neutral coloured bottle fool you. Jo Malone effectively encapsulates a sun-drenched morning in an English country garden. The top notes help create this imagery, opening with fresh green and citrusy notes accentuated by a hint of spice. The sharpness of the mint makes it delicious and fresh, tailored to suit any summer day.

best beauty productsJo Malone
White Jasmine & Mint Cologne (100ml)
£88 >

Miller Harris
Enclosed in an elegant bottle, ‘Tangerine Vert’ stays true to its name.  Drawing inspiration from Sicilian fruit, the top notes consist of green tangerines alongside grapefruit and lemon.  On a blistering hot day, the juicy aroma of tangerines is guaranteed to freshen you up as you’re treated to a spectacular olfactory experience.

best beauty productsMiller Harris
Tangerine Vert (50ml)
£65 >

As part of their Contemporary Collection, House of Atkinson has re-vamped the traditional rose perfume.  The fragrance is an intense rose smell, oscillating between sweet-smelling floral and earthy vetiver.  If you wish for a subtle and comforting fragrance to brighten up your summer, then this one may be for you.

best beauty productsAtkinsons
Rose in Wonderland (100ml)
£120 >

Ormande Jayne
If you are seeking opulence, then look no further. The bespoke British brand retain their luxury image with the manufacture of this perfume. The Tiare flower, laying at the heart of the aroma, is handpicked unopened and laid in oil for 15 days to extract the fragrance. This is a perfume that transcends all seasons, so artfully blended and infinitely refined. Once settled, the aroma balances perfectly between green, citrus and flowers, ensuring that you’re fresh and ready for a summer afternoon out.

best beauty products

Ormande Jayne
Tiare (50ml)
£110 >

Roja Parfums
Summer is the perfect season to indulge in a fresh luxurious perfume under one of the most renowned names. Launched in 2012, Roja Dove has managed to capture the elusive scent of Gardenia and present it in an elegant bottle.  The scent releases a beautiful white floral scent, accompanied by deep notes of jasmine and mimosa.  Be prepared to embody summer with this wonderful perfume and its ethereal scent.
best beauty products

Roja Perfums
Gardenia Eau de Parfum (50ml)
£375 >

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