From restoration to Regatta – The bespoke interiors of Fawley Court

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From taking place upon the English Heritage at-risk register, to one of ‘Britain’s finest stately Homes’ the Fawley estate is radiant in modern survival success. History and heritage are cemented in the bricks and mortar here, but now Fawley deserves the showcase of the grand and the great, a vision owner Aida Dellal Hersham has delivered.


I want to bring together great minds and influencers on every level, from politics and the arts to great composers
Aida Dellal Hersham, Fawley Court Owner


On a mesmerising one woman mission bound in love of narrative and wonder, Tehran infused styles from Aidas’ inspired heritage drape the grade I-listed main house and additional 13 Grade II-listed buildings. With 7 years passing before workers could even enter out of safety fears, in 2008 the fallen designs of Sir Christopher Wren began to be uplifted from their beginning life in 1684. This hugely personal journey with a passionate nod to history, but with a strong look towards tomorrow is rendered further in remembrance of Fawley being requisitioned in the war as a decoding centre. In communication with the Ministry of Defence, a specialised visit for the code breakers of the Second World War and their descendants was arranged at Fawley by Aida. With historical denotation and cultural weight, being the inspiration for Toad Hall in ‘Wind in the Willows’ Fawley only has inspiration, respect and esteem rolling into the new world.


Fawley now parades ‘The most unique and unforgettable premium hospitality experience’ at the Henley Royal Regatta, in form of the Fawley River Club. Reviving the concept of the 19th Century salon to make it relevant to a 21st century audiences. Here approach to vision is the most luxurious in potential, the foremost exclusive stretches of the River Thames tangle beautifully around the estate to offer a one of a kind backdrop. Marking the halfway point in the Regatta race route, the setting is seemingly a victory enough. Capability Brown landscaped, Fawley park upholds bespoke orangery with corresponding floating viewing desks, to extend paradise itself. An unrivalled experience, the floating ‘long water bar’ escapades elegantly, with VIP service catering for gourmet four-course luncheon with riverboat tours of the race course itself.

With true connection and camaraderie, Fawley Court now bathes in splendour and success.

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