Grooming tips for the groom

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Your wedding day is one the most important event in any man’s life it is up to the groom to be looking his best on the big day. Here’s Dan Cooper’s selection of pre wedding tips from British luxury barbers, Truefitt & Hill

grooming tips

1. Don’t rush the day; your future bride has the whole morning and so should you. Give yourself plenty of time to avoid any skin irritations and nicks and cuts whilst shaving.

2. Preparation: Make sure you have the correct products. Ola Jafa recommends Ultimate Comfort Pre shave Oil to soften the skin, this product has a hint of lemon and a Truefitt & Hill favourite.

3. For Gentlemen with beards make sure you have been to your barber a few days before to make sure you are looking neat and tidy.

4. Plan ahead with your hair so that you discuss with your barber the style you wish for. Go for a classic style that is timeless and not for something so off the wall that you are divorced before you are married!

5. Don’t over scent; go for a quality fragrance that is going to last the day like Truefitt & Hill’s Trafalgar which is a winter Scent or if you’re having a summer wedding, then Truefitt and Hill’s signature scent, 1805 will work perfectly.

6. You are going to be the proud owner of a band of gold on your wedding finger so treat yourself to that luxurious manicure.

7. For a real crescendo why not take yourself to Truefitt and Hill’s elegant atmospheric salon in St James’s Street for the truly Ultimate Grooming Experience; this includes everything from a traditional hot towel wet shave and facial, to a completely new hairstyle and manicure. A special treat to leave you, the Groom, beaming, sparkling and relaxed, looking forward to the special day ahead.

Founded by William Francis Truefitt in 1805, Truefitt & Hill is the oldest barbershop in the world, as certified by the Guinness Book of World Records. Truefitt & Hill’s rich heritage and unblemished reputation makes any of their customers instantly recognisable throughout the world as a mark of a true gentleman.

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