Home Inspiration: Eclectic Chic

Posted on by Hayley Peters

There is much to be done to homes that conform to strict colour ideals in the realm of eclectic chic. The need to shake things up only becomes apparent, when you realise that you've been staring at the same potted plant, teal coloured cushions and coordinated curtains for far too long, just how long? you ask yourself, but you can't quite remember that far back.   


The best way to make a start is to dive into colour and print, patterns and antiques, the rustic and the modern and swish together, to create a perfectly eclectic mix of home interiors. Let go of matchy, matchy colours and instead, experiment with more unusual designs and patterns. Think bejewelled cushions decorated with pom poms and art work from older periods adorning hallways alongside modern art.



Create a vibrant living space with some walls painted in muted, pastel tones and other walls splashed with crayola bright paints. Stimulate interest in a room by adding books with brightly coloured spines to metal shelves for a inspiring library section. By constructing a creative space where you can treasure your books, you'll also be able to create a space where you can channel your creativity. Find a quirky table to house flowers and lay a stack of your favourite coffee table books on. 


The eclectic can sometimes verge on the eccentric, depending on how daring you feel. There is however, no right or wrong and if shaken not stirred, undertaken with a spirit of freedom and creativity, your home will thank you and proudly declare that it: encompasses the true essence of eclectic chic.